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small project restoring gorilla k 3 katanas

released a wip basically my plugin i've been working on for months and i still dont understand gorilla k's scripts

current version

gorilla ks 3 katanas all are gunblades, based on the dwarwen gunblade setup middle mouse button to shoot

fire kata -shotgun gunblade

Ice katana - gatling gunblade

Lightning - Standard gunblade (uses gorilla ks testshoot spell)

also help Gatana to get 3 unscabbarded 3 kantanas (gunblades of course) i found while hiss scabbard script was awesome.it some times was frustrating when i switched weapon only for the scabbard to remain and force the 3 katana into my hand.

then i was like would this be awesome as 2 handed weapons

type help

'Ice GunBlade Gatling'-2handed ice katana

'lightning GunBlade '-2handed lightning katana

01FireMagnumSword - 2handed fire katana

they all follow similar laws fire-magnun shotgun style blast, ice fores rapid fire and lightning is the standard shooting

ive also not stoped there

the rose sword and crainte vomirs that are hidden in the 3 katana esp are now also gunblades.


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