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Sexout questions


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pride and I talked about it.  It's supposed to be pretty easy to throw together, although the wait is on some reconfiguration of the anims w/ being able to include/exclude them.  Don't remember why switchpos doesn't work/do it currently.

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It does work currently but you need to know the anim # you want to switch to ahead of time, which is difficult for mods to know since they don't know the valid #s. That's being addressed in an upcoming release (86 or 87), after I get some arrays done to hold the different acts. Another hurdle to modders is not knowing which ones are valid to switch to, so you don't accidentally change from a 2p to a 3p or a creature to a different creature, etc.


All that will be handled once I've got the arrays setup and the support udf's in place.

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Hello! I installed Sexout Standalone pack, and i have some probles with few quests. 1. Quest with Sunny's slave-girl. I need to charm her, but i had only one line in dialogue - Don't be angry. How can i complete this quest? And the second one is about powergangers prison. I need to make an impasion on local boss. He fucked my heroine and that's all. I don't understand what to do next. And the door from this location is locked. 

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