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Apparantly I spent 12 bucks to look at the Fallout 3 icon

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So yeah basically the game wont play...at all.

I got it on Steam earlier today, set up and installed some mods with Mod Organizer. It won't run FOSE, and Steam won't play the game either. All I get is the message in the picture: post-356274-0-02429400-1403322312_thumb.jpg, or nothing at all.


I instantly made a back up of Fallout 3, since the game wasn't even working from Steam I just copied my back up of Fallout 3 and it still doesn't work. This BS is why I've always been a console gamer

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If you start like this you can indeed go back on your console, if on the other hand you want to mod your games, welcome on PC but be prepared to put some work on it.


The message displayed is about an incompability with Windows 8.




It took me about 20 seconds to google your error.....

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Yeah, if this stumbling block is enough to dissuade you from PC gaming, just hang it up now. Especially when you start modding, you're going to run into a hell of a lot of incompatiblities - some of which are unique to your own particular hardware configuration and your own particular mod configuration. It's a hell of a learning curve if you've never really PC gamed/modded before, but the payoff and satisfaction when you get a good build going is completely worth it... and you'll probably learn a thing or two in the process.


If the above given fix doesn't work for you (and I see no reason why it shouldn't), there's also a mod out there that disables GFWL in Fallout 3. You could try that.



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I had been playing and modding Skyrim most of this year, yes I had some difficulties at first and sometimes rarely still do, but it can be quite fun, infact Ill never be able to back to Xbox 360 Skyrim again. But the nice thing about console is that you turn it on, put in the game, and youre good. PCs just shit all over that simplicity




Thank you for posting a link with an answer for me, I spent like 8 hours downloading the game and when it started giving me an error I just turned the PC off and had a late dinner

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Well I got the game to run, now Im just trying to figure out what mod is CTDing my game. I got to the part where Im walking around as the baby then I saved the game and exited. Some mod is CTDing my game and I cant do anything with FO3Edit or ArchiveInvalidation because somehow I dont have a .ini file.

And from what I can tell so far mods arent doing squat anyway

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So do I have to use FOMM?


Learn to read the readme it can save you from a allot of pain. Your using fallout 3 so no FOMM is not really necceray like new vegas to quickly install sexout.


You have to check Mod Organizer readme section. But from what i can make of it can be used for oblivion and fallout alike.




And from what I can tell so far mods arent doing squat anyway


If they are not doing squat did you activate them to begin with ??

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Also, with fallout three you don't want to activate ANY of your mods until you leave Vault 101. It will cause a lot more trouble than it's worth.


Don't panic though, Vault 101 is more like a little training vault. It's very short and the game makes a nifty autosave as you leave into the wasteland the first time. Quit the game after you get out into the wasteland, activate the mods you want and then load back up the save that was made as you're just exiting. (you'll even always have the option of re-customising your look/trait/sex/stats at this point) and play to your hearts content.

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Guest carywinton

To start out with, installing mods before obtaining a stable game is a really bad way to get going with the whole FO3 Modding scene. FO3 can be very temperamental and crash very easily with mods installed. It is best to make sure Fallout 3 runs well enough to get you out of Vault 101 to begin with. Personally I can run just about any mod I want right from "birth" without any issues and in particular there are a couple of mods that are necessary to run at the very beginning of the game, fortunately not very many though. Try easing into the whole process with just a couple of mods. Perhaps a skin texture would be a good place to start, if the install went right, the results should be quite pleasing.

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