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How did Harold get to the capital wasteland?

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I've been asking myself this, lately.  In Fallout 2, he seemed decrepit and ill, judging from his coughing and wheezing.  How could he have had the energy or endurance to travel across the country from California to Maryland and appear in Fallout 3?  How could he have survived the raiders along the way?  What motivation could he have had to travel across the country?

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I would have said -FastTravel-, but that would only work if he had already been there.


My theory would be that, as Bob (or Herbert) began to grow and leaf, the process of photosynthesis provided vitality to Harold, due to their new linked physiology. This basically kept Harold alive, and allowed the two of them to reach the random destination which would become Oasis.

Mind you, all of that travel was probably done only during bright daylight hours.

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