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purple skin issue


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so after removing some texture mods to try and fix something the main body is now purple when i start a new game i dont see this issue but on ym save game its there ive googled and dont everything i can but i dont see a fix seriously need some help 


the hands,feet and face all have normal textures without issue at all

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What textures were you using? Download those textures, unzip the mod, copy all the femalebody files, then paste them into your appropriate file path.


For example, go to data/textures/actors/character/female then you should find.....







.....as well as femalehands and femalefeet versions of those. It sounds like your femalebody files are gone. So open your texture packwith 7zip, right click and copy those femalebody files, then paste them into the data/textures/actors/character/female folder.

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