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[WIP] Furries of Skyrim


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So I've been making this thing, for a bit, and at least one other person wants it, so I figure i'll share what I have so far. I want to know if anyone has suggestions/comments/wtf's to say about it since I'm putting it out there. I want to do at least 2 races more after I finish fixing up the Elves and 

wonder if anyone has suggestions for what races should be converted into what species. Not touching the argonians and khajiit, even though they'll probably stand out.





Rats, already released as standalone, will replace dark elves when(if) mod is done



Pretty easy to guess if you're already a furry. would replace high elves.

Disclaimer: I do not own Renamon or anything related to said character.

Renamon belongs to Toei animation.


(I'd post a shot of a skunk here, but the face mesh is butt ugly and I need to fix it. skunks would replace wood elves.)




So far, I've replaced the three Elven races and have new tail and face meshes for the Renaelves and the Skunkelves. 

these Are meant to be cartoonish and as a result I have decided not to go through the trouble of fitting eye meshes onto their modified

khajiit heads. I'll be working on the textures and trying to make them less creepy and may eventually go back and modify the eye area for the same reason. through the magic of "I have no idea what I'm doing" the faces (ears/eyes/mouths/) still animate well enough, but I need to fix up these meshes a bit more in the mouth area. 


Planned stuff: 

  • Replace most races with anthropomorphic animals that somewhat make sense.
  • Add a couple of unique armors and weapons fitting these races better. (RenaElves gotta have those long gloves, don't they?)
  • change or add racial spells to fit the replacements (Skunkelves would be able to make others flee or somesuch)
  • Fix the complexion textures so they add variety and don't paint ears onto the backs of people's heads.
  • Each race has an appropriate shaped tail to fluff about. 
  • Leave maybe one or two races as they are.

I do have a couple questions as well:


Q1. How do I change npc's so as not to have eyes floating by their chins without having to go through and change every npc to use a blank mesh?


Q2. Why the hell am I doing this anyway?


Q3. Would anyone rather just have the custom furry races without all the replacement nonsense?

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I saw the standalone race and thought:


'Dam, while it's a rat race, this guy can make/use meshes...'


Sorry got nothing for ya on the first question (I haven't started using ck at all really... :unsure:)


Q2. Why the hell am I doing this anyway?


Do it because you love it, don't do it because you want donations/likes/endorsements (you know the 'baggage' of modding that seems to be what newer and more naive modders start out with as an actual goal)


Q3. Would anyone rather just have the custom furry races without all the replacement nonsense?




I think you should probably go the standalone race route...

Hell, if you can mock up some new 'furry' bodies and/or normals and stuff into a decent state, maybe even partner up with Trykz, Shaydow or any of the other established race modders to help out on the ck side of things...


You would most likely make all the furry lovers and peeps super happy :)


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Can't answer the first question either,but:

Q2 You do it because you like it? You wouldn't have posted this if you didn't at least want to.

Q3 I'm with the standalone choice on this one.While it won't populate Skyrim with more furry races and only limit it to the player,and/or manual NPC editing,I prefer it to replacing an entire race.Its immersion breaking(for lack of a better term) to see everyone of a single race get replaced.Especially when doing things like quests that rely on dark and high elf characters.

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Actually, I don't know what I was even thinking when I started this. must have been on a Manic break and getting all creative or something. A productive manic break, but a break nonetheless. See, i'm clinically depressed, but from time to time I spike the other way and get all creative/outgoing/cheerful. 


I'll Pack up my furries and make 'em their own race mods, to share; and I'll keep working on my all out replacement as a means to learn the CK and build modding experience. At any rate, I'm glad I've created something I'll enjoy and that's all that really matters. 


For the record, I'm still going through with this mod, just going to make a few custom races along the way is all. The yellow foxes are next on my list, so stay tuned.

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Love to see someone actually doing this! I would love to see someone pick this up and help you along with it. There is a guy making addons for SOS, like a dog, horse, and lizard cock. See if you could pair up with him ,that would make your mod stand out from other race replacers. I'm going to keep my eye on this mod! :D 

Here's a guy you should colab with for the shlongs :3

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I actually would love to see you do this, although the first question I can't help you with, I'm not a modder. xD Second one, like what these guys said, because you want to and such..and third, I'd like for you to keep the replacers for the appropriate races. I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Woot great work man, keep that shit up! I've been waiting for quite a while for something like this. I think Eternal Black was doing some anthrorace stuff mabey you could get a hold of him and ask support or something or not lol. Any how gl and I can't wait till your done. XD

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