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JFF - breast - sphere size - character size


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You guys have created a monster. I installed JFF to see WHY I liked the bounce of one xml over another and why I got collision in one and not the other, etc. It also made clearer some of the effects I was seeing. Here are my issues and questions:


Typically I play characters at 100% weight and height. However I have one follower (Eryniel Elf) who is very petite. During the idle animation her hand is clearly not yet up to her breast (hand sliding up body) when the breast starts deflecting upward. She has small breasts. And a shorter height overall. So when she crosses her arms in front of her chest, both breasts get deflected so hard that her little nipples are pointing at the ceiling and her boob looks like someone attached a string to a nipple ring and pulled it up. Stretched and elongated a bit. Is this something you just have to live with because of her non-standard size?


Naming convention for adding a new body part or understanding exactly where is the part being referred to:

Where do the names come from? For example, NPC L Breast. It's obviously the same in each of the 4 or 5 xml files I've examined but I don't know where that name came from. If I wanted to add a penis that would deflect boobs where would the NAME come from? 



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The adjusted breast radius is too large for your little followers.


If "Eryniel Elf" own race is, she has also determined its own body mesh.

Copy your xml file and rename the copy to Eryniel.xml, for example.

In the Eryniel.xml you can decrease the brest-radius.


Then add Eryniel.xml with HDT Havok Path into the body mesh of "Eryniel Elf".


If "Eryniel Eleven" has it's own head mesh, use rather the head mesh instead of the body-mesh, otherwise you will have also "Eryniel Elf" -  armors to edit.


Or make for your follower a qwn HDT Havok Object that it equips then.




You can read the names from the femalebody.nif/malebody.nif or skeleton.nif/skeletonfemale.nif.

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I was reading that thread about attaching to the head mesh. It didn't dawn on me that I could have a custom xml for for a follower that has its own head and body meshes. Or even for my Lunari race character.


Which, of course brings another question.

If all characters are using the same skeleton, regardless of body type, would I be better off reading the names from the skeleton? Does it matter?

It's pretty cool to think I can have custom physics for specific characters.

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