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Just had an epiphany about OBMM


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If you have a 2 part mode' date=' can't you open both archives in omod creator and install as one package?



Not sure I understood the question.


If you are talking about a 2 part zip, OBMM will search the archives, and if it finds installable material, yes it will make and OMOD of sorts, and install it. But this type of OMOD has the potential to become hung, and really hard to get rid of with out corrupting your whole game.


If you are talking about two entirely different mod's You might get them both installed, but they will not be merged.


But two entirely different parts of two entirely different Mods is unlikely.

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Well first, there's the obvious typo up there and I mean say, there's

mod.mod part 1


mod.mod part 2


And they are both halves of the same mod, would they both be installed as one package if both rars/archives were loaded into omod creator at once

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The standard is to have multiple archives (for downloading purposes) that will unzip into a single large OMOD file.


Now for OMOD ready archives you could try loading both but it is more likely that as Galgat has said OBMM will likely hang or crash.


It would be better for you to unzip and merge both parts into a temp folder and then zip it back up to load into OBMM.


Either way you want to tackle it make a backup of your game FIRST then give'r a shot your way as the worst that can happen is you waste a little time reinstalling your backup if it borks up your game :)



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