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Pregnant Mods Help!


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help no matter what i try i cant get the extended belly or breast effect from any pregnancy mods.

these are the files i use am i missing something?


XP32 Maximum Skeleton 

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended X.93ar41 (1.93a rev 41)

[PSB] Pregnancy Scaling Body - for Bodyslide2 2.0

Being Female pregnancy mod (also tried procreation)

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I got all you asked, skyUI and all, but i dont know how to generate the meshes correctly and how to integrate them in armors (works with no clothes and with some base, though it's lopsided in the "normal" dress with no skills)


first, post ur load order, then...well, some bullets to the air:


1.-if u want ur character look like pregnant u have to open bodyslide 2 and with the files of psb in the designed folder design the body of ur like via the sliders in low and high weight, the big belly should be in 50% or 60% (it must be where it must, i never move them) then hit "create bodies" button, there, now u have a mesh that will grow when procreation or other pregnancy mod that alters the belly node u use (this one is for cbbe bodies, if u want a body for unp the go to estrus chaurus download section and look for B3lisario unp mesh and isntall it in the right folder, no need of bodyslide but no armor or clothes).


2.-if u want to see pregnant character with clothes u have to install meshes of clothes that looks like pregnant, here are some sliders for bodyslide 2 to generate cbbe clothes with meshes that react to belly node of skeleton.





hope this helps

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still confused my person looks pregnant all the time and it won't switch back and forth like it should and i followed your steps


do not touch the slider of pregnant belly, just the big belly slider



i made that mistake but when i did just the big-belly my player didn't change at all when pregnant  

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