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Outfit Studio Weighting Issues - Deformed Breasts


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Those of you who use B3lisario's pregnancy UNPB body might be aware of its deformation issues, especially in the abdomen area. You don't really see it normally, but it becomes very noticeable for certain animations or poses, like this one:



rmo2.pngnow what's more disturbing: vampire lord sex or that hideous stomach? :s



I've been trying to get rid of this for some time now. I like B3lisario's body, so I don't really want to switch to another pregnancy-based UNP/Sevenbase body. In any case, I think that these deformations are caused by some weighting issues for four bones: Pelvis, Spine, Spine1, and Spine2. Look at those light-blue areas that are interspersed in areas of different color in the picture below and how they basically match up with the deformed areas in the screenshot above.






Ok, so I thought, "Great! I'll just use outfit studio to copy those weights from another UNPB-body, and it's fixed." Well no, not really. While doing that does get rid of the stomach deformation, for some strange reasons the breasts become super-flat after. At first I thought the culprit might be spine2 which does have breast weighting, so I weight-painted the fix for that one by hand (luckily it's easy to do for that one, since the light-blue is confined to the lower edge). Still the same problem. I tried to copy each bone individually to see which one is causing it...turns out they all do. In the picture below, for example, the only bone I have copied over is L Calf, which has absolutely nothing to do with the breasts. All the other bones have been untouched. As you can see, still the same problem; breasts are flat.






So, my question is this: might anyone know what's causing this, and how to circumvent it? Other suggestions how to solve my problem are also more than welcome.



Also, if this seems more appropriate for the technical support section, I apologize. I thought it might get a little more exposure here.

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So what you're saying is the problem is in the animation, not the mesh? I'm not sure if that is correct; I have tested the pregnancy-weighted sevenbase body Deltaklata uploaded here (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22986-req-sevenbase-pregnant/?p=647696) for comparison, and there's no deformation there - neither deformed abdomen nor flattened breasts. Which leads me to believe - since in both cases the same animation/pose is used - that if the animation truly doesn't call the belly bone as you're saying, the deformation problem would have to occur with that body as well.


Granted, it might not happen because the sevenbase body is weighted differently (not an assumption; I've looked into it). Which leads me back to my original problem: I can't copy the weights over because they screw up my lovely boobies :@

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I have no idea if this will help mitigate your problem but try using HDT (Lother's suggestion) with the skelly from the modders resource download from here:



Again, I have no idea if it'll work so you should backup your current skelly before you install (also it's optional to use the hdt file included, contains a beta belly jiggle preset)


Edit: I've read around and found a decent number of posts asking for a 'fix' to b3lisario's UNP weighted body with belly support so I dunno if maybe that is contributing to your problem?

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Yeah, I'm basically trying to make that fix.


Hdt might be an issue. I don't really use hdt per se since I can never get it to work. However, I do use it passively in a sense; I have the .dll and the .xml in my SKSE plugin folder for extra jiggle, but I don't use collision. I'll try to see if removing hdt or using the skeleton you've provided solves the problem.


In the meantime, in case someone is interested, here are my weight-corrected meshes. Would be nice to know if someone else gets the crushed breasts as well.





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"File blocked for violation."


Yay Mediafire.



Edit: I tested your skeleton, Blabba, and it does indeed get rid of the flattened breasts. I also tried the regular xpms skeleton (which might be the same as yours, don't know if you edited it in any way), and that works, too. I use one of B3lisario's skeletons because I dislike xpms's proportions, so I compared the two in nifskope and noticed the different alignment of the breast bones between them, so that is more than likely the culprit. It seems like B3lisario specifically aligned his skeleton to match up with his body's weighting.


Luckily for me, I made an xpms skeleton version with vanilla proportions for my own use some time ago, so I can just switch over to that. Now there is just one very small issue that remains: the breasts behave a little differently than before due to different breast bone alignment. The difference is extremely minor, so I might be complaining on a high level here. I'll try to tinker around with the skeleton for a bit, but I might just ignore it in the end. Thank you guys.

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So there seems to be another issue. I hadn't actually tested the body in a pregnant state yet (I know, silly me; it's a pregnant body after all...). There is some deformation around the pelvic girdle when pregnant as far as I can tell. Not sure what's causing this - Pelvis bone seems like the most logical choice, but I can't spot any weighting discrepancies between the two.




My corrections on top



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Well, I managed to reduce the deformities around the pelvic areas by a large amount. I'm still not 100% satisfied though. Unfortunately, it's a lot of trial-and-error for me copying weights in outfit studio since I can't weight-paint by hand (I know how it works in theory, but all my attempts so far have screwed up).

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