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Testers sought for Mesh Rigger and HDT


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Good evening.


I'm getting ready to release the next version of Mesh Rigger, with planned HDT support.


I'm looking for intrepid volunteers to test out the next release and let me know how everything went.


So, why should you care?


Let's say you want to add bouncing jiggly bits to a nif that isn't weighted or rigged for them, but you don't have any experience working with Blender or Max.  Instead of worrying about that, you can choose an appropriate template nif that already has the jiggly bits the way you like them and has the same body style as the one you want to rig, and run my tool.  It will do most of the work for you.


Let's say that you want to add those bouncing jiggly bits to an entire clothing collection...good news.  It's exactly the same steps, all you need to do is point my tool toward the folder (or folder tree) where the nifs are and the tool will do the rest.


So, with the next release, the tool will have the ability to re-rig a mesh with a complete skeleton, as required for HDT support.  But, before I release the next version, I would like to make certain that everything works the way it should.


If you would like to participate in the HDT test, either send me a PM or post in this thread.



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Mesh Rigger for me andis been a great tool for modding my armor personali.A sometimes makes mistakes but all in all for beginners like me is a great trumento, to remove imperfections, however, we must also have nifskope.Ora I prefer my armor movement with ass breasts with two movements and to make matters worse I also added belly animazione.Ti thank you very much for your excellent strumento.Ah I recommend you do not give it to the nexus because beginners like me really need it and then it's a site that me is a pain.






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open your body or your equipment in NIFSKOPE and see if it has ass bounce weighted very simple


How to check bounce weight in Nifscope?  :blush:


Well..technically, you can view that data in the niSkinData blocks...but it's not terribly helpful.

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I'm posting this update here, rather than in the main mesh Rigger thread because I'd like to get a bit more testing before turning this into an 'official' release.




Clothing Converter, Mesh Rigger, and Seam Mender Beta 0.21



1. Clothing Converter should now be compatible with Skyrim Morph Meshes

2. Clothing Converter template/target menu items has been replaced with 'Convert From' and 'Convert To'.

3. Inverse bone transformations should now be properly accounted for in all tools. This includes the infamous Oblivion vanilla head mesh.

4. Several bugs that could cause the tool to crash have been resolved

5. Textures and Gender should now be properly detected for Skyrim and Fallout nifs

6. UV Search functions should work for Skyrim meshes

7. Troubleshooting folder added. If the tool exits unexpectedly without an error message appearing in the log, attempt to run the tool using the .bat file in the troubleshooting folder.

8. Clothing converter now only generates the lattice loc dictionary at the time the lattice is loaded, instead of once per nif. This should significantly improve performance when converting large numbers of outfits in a single run.

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One word: Wow!!!


This is a absolute must-have mod.


I have only tested mesh Rigger - the other tools are unknown to me - but that alone is sufficient.

Finally, I can convert my favorite Body (LadyBody) and all Armor / clothes in TBBP, including Belly-Bone, and even with HDT (NiStringExtraData).


And, although I have no idea of 3D modeling, I did not aml installed a program for it.

If there is still a manual or tutorial for the tool that is sure to be a Mod, that no one will want to miss.


Kudos to this mod!

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