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Harem Factions

Vincent Draggy

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this is something that iv already posted on the Sexrim thread, but il post it here for more talk about this, which could really be a nice addition to sexrim, but here it is.

my thoughts are for there to be several harem "factions" where there are mansions in places of skyrim with rich males/females that own them, where you can choose to join one of the factions as a harem boy/girl or as a body guard, and you can work your way up in certain ranks by pleasing your master or protecting him/her, and even have the chance of assassinating the master at a certain rank and be able to take control over everything the master had and become the new master.

this would be really neat and can be action-packed if you choose to be a guard and also as a guard you could use the harem boys/girls as you wish, or be in a sexual adventure as a harem boy/girl. And when i mean boy/girl of course i mean adults so no one will get the wrong idea.


Also something new that i just thought of to add to this, for there to be NPC guards that you can fight and if you lose, you get captured by that harem faction, and can choose to fight for your freedom or join as either a body guard or a harem boy/girl

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Man I would be AssAssInating the master of the harem EVERY time, building up my empire of mansions where I take my defeated foes to become tools of devine pleasure and sticky naughtiness.


You could even make it so that OTHER NPC's (evil or otherwise) could try and overthrow the leader, whether its you, or the original NPC owner, and your just a pleasure slave witnessing the carnage and having a wank.


You could make it so that the attacking NPC's are sometime weak ass nobodies and get cut down instantly by one guard, and sometimes you get hardcore lunatic badasses who take about 7 guards to kill (depending on how long the master has been in power). If the mansions been owned for even LONGER, then you'll get gangs of natural born killers trying to storm the mansion. Many people will die. Thats not to mention the girls themselves should be given the ability to band together and commit munity!


Last idea, you should make a random "intentional glitch", where say, theres a 1/30 chance that a kid will storm the mansion. If that happens, your basically screwed cos you cant kill kids, unless you have that mod.


Man, if you dont make this mod... I wont be held responsible for my acts of terrorism!

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lol, awesome, but yeah, my idea is to have different harem places across the map, where each one is ran alittle differently, like, there could be


one harem where all the slaves are males and all the guards are and the owner is male as well


one that is where all the slaves are males and all the guards and owner are female


one where all the guards and owner are men and the slaves are female


one where all the slaves are a mix of males and females and the guards are a mix of males and females and the owner is either a male or female


and so on and etc. id love for someone to make this mod, almost as much as iv been wanting someone to make my femboy mod that i requested <3


because i just wont feel as happy about it if i cant serve a male master as a "trap" character. x3

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sounds interesting' date=' if the problem lies in building mansions there are already in the game. would not only be able to take an already existing.

it would also be fun to have some quest to



hi alex

could prob use cellar mod to enlarge living area maybe even adapt marriage proposal to recruit to your harem?

This mod plan of yours sound like one of the best ideas ive heard

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