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  1. i know this is slightly off topic, but i absolutely adored MO1 with Skyrim and am a little underwhelmed by vortex. how easy is it to switch to MO2, and is it worth the effort?
  2. Sorry to be the nitpicky idiot, but the file advertised as being the last version is 200512.1 - and that one is not available on the mod page (only .0 is). The one that has the .1 suffix is 200507.1 . Which one is the one to be downloaded, then? I assume the .0?
  3. cheers for the answer, i was sure i had your latest patch installed. the animation i'm referring to is one of the make out ones. is there no such thing as a "panic button"?
  4. i have searched, but to no avail, and i'm not sure if the following is actually a problem: there are certain animations i don't know how to get out of. they play forever and i don't know how you abort them. this is a very basic question, so i apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. Loved this in Skyrim, quite like it in Fallout. Would voice, but microphone sucks too bad, probably. The whole bloatfly-thing is really annoying. Even fucking dogmeat told me to wear something less light.
  6. Thanks a lot, and sorry for seeming like a lazy bum, but my English isn't quite "writing" tier - it's my 3rd language...so doing it myself is just very clumsy and slow with less than mediocre results.
  7. Would it be possible for one of you talented writers to share your edits? I'm getting the disgust-shivers from all the pee included in the vanilla edition. Thanks in advance!
  8. I don't see any opposition to the idea, but I see a lot of half truths regarding evidence of the existence of such creatures in the lore. There are a lot of misconceptions which could easily be voided by reading this thread or just googling. But they don't, they're lazy. And that's pissing me off.
  9. That is false. The super mutant in FO3 is Fawkes, whose human name was Shelton Delacroix. He is not a woman as he is not specimen D164 - the terminal states that ALL specimens had been "terminated". According to the wiki, even Fawkes' voice actor got it wrong. Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo states "No, Fawkes was absolutely a male. This was a mistake. Wes gave an interview and he was mistaken. Trust me, Fawkes is and was male."
  10. That has been stated multiple times in this thread - and it's still false. Why does nobody ever read anything.
  11. If you thought that, you'd be wrong. As the wiki states, "the creation process [of centaurs] involved tossing a varied mix of humans, dogs, and other types of animals into a Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) vat to be infected by the virus [...]" - making the centaur the result of a very different approach to FEV mutation.
  12. I saw something intriguing the other day - apparently there's a way to display what scrap breaks down to just by hovering over it. Is that part of a mod or of an addon? I haven't purchased the latter (yet).
  13. The way I understand Solutions, it's supposed to be some kind of lore friendly "third way", meaning it's supposed to fit into the game's narrative, plot lines and character. I doubt she'd stand down after coming that far. It feels really out of character. Same goes for Fahrenheit. There is no hint of sensuality in any of her dialogue, and if she were such a pushover to pay with her body just because some random mercenary tried to renegotiate, she'd be very much unfit to be a bodyguard in Goodneighbour. Which apparently, she isn't. Concerning the same quest though, Another idea I had - which isn't really a solutions type situation - would make an otherwise random encounter (which currently lacks any interaction) actually meaningful. It goes like this:
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