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Does anyone else..


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Make multiple copies of your 30 gigabyte "data" folder, so you can safely attempt new mods without fear of screwing EVERYTHING, and having to reinstall?


I do.


I also have one with just the base, unmodded, so I don't need to reinstall.




Thank goodness for terabyte hard drives!

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I used to do it but I realized I was taking up too much space with just backups of a single game. So now, I only have a backup of vanilla Oblivion, a backup with all of the basic mods (e.g. Pluggy, BreakUndies, Skeletons, HGEC, MBP++, etc.), and a backup with some extra mods that I feel are must-haves (e.g. Lovers mods, Bella's races, Apachii Goddess Store, etc.). I more or less have about three backups total. I don't really backup anymore after that unless I plan on doing some hard drive wipe or install a major game-changing mod, and even then, I put trust on my meticulous method of converting mods into OMODs first via OBMM. Ever since I've relied on OMODs, I found myself conveniently being able to install or uninstall mods without experiencing any strange side-effects ingame.

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I have three backups.


Vanilla Oblivion and it's DLC's.


Oblivion with basic mods (for me). The Unofficial patch, OOO, body replacers, and skeletons.


And a backup of the data files as they currently are, full of mods and whatnot. Copy over it with a new backup whenever a mod is added/removed successfully.


Takes up space, yes, but I have a shiny new 1TB hard drive, and I'm in the "bring it the fuck on!" stage of owning it, so whatev's.


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All you really need to backup are the Data folder, an OBMM Load List (.OLOD) and Save folder.

Everything else gets rewritten when you reinstall oblivion.


Both those folders can be copied into the new installation and set in order with OBMM and the saved load order file.


Then you're right back where you left off without any corruption or issues.



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I just take screenshots of a fresh clean install. Everything not in the screenshots came with mods.


Then I keep copies of the mods with numbers in front of the filenames with any pre-adjustments needed to the archives. A new install simply means deleting all mods and installing everything back in filename order.


BTW, there's only one file in the Textures directory in a clean install, just in case anyone wants to know --




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