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Sexy Maid of Chorrol

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as mentioned in the other thread:


(Currently) not compatible with LPK/LPAF. Unless you like raping your maid. Will give the error "(Is not ready)" if you attempt normal sex. 


Ironically, LPK IS Compatible with Maids I however. Untill someone can patch SMC for LPK, use Maids I if you have LPK.

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Sexy Maid of Chorrol
Adds two playful maids to the player home in Chorrol and a small questline that crossovers with Claudia’s Little Secret.
Note: No longer supported by its original creator; the mod has since been remade with adult content removed under the name Maids I: Euphoria.



this have adult content or is this just SFW , just woundering

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It is not a Lovers Mod. But nudity, nude dance,

But you can use LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP dialogs and can have sex ( like you can have with all NPCs in game)

Or you use Lovers Rapers and rape the girls.

You should not use Lovers SlaveTrade, as slaves they don't use their daily routine. ( then the mod is useless. ) If you want slaves you don't need this Mod. You buy the player house in Chorrol, enslave two NPCs you like. Now you have the same with slaves.

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I remember playing this years ago, and I remember a number of the sex animations my maids performed.  They aren't working on my current install, however.  Tonight I had a peek in TES4Edit, and it appears this archive is missing the animation meshes.  For example, SMChorrolFapAnimations should be in /meshes/Characters\_Male\IdleAnims, but it is not, neither loose nor in the BSA.

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