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Fallout 3 adult mods


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Animated Prostitution isn't bad. Imagine Sexout if every animation had a name and you had to pick which one you want before you can start. And it's a LONG list. And there is no set duration, you have to talk to your partner to end. But the animations are good, and with FOSE you have the UFO cam like sexout. You also have the ability to hire random women to whore for you, and to give them a home base brothel.

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Guest endgameaddiction

I was going to suggest Mojala Companion as she is not only a sexy companion, I think she also has sex with the player. I'm not for sure. The mod has been pulled off Nexus. Not sure if mojodajojo would host it here, but that's one of the few custom companions that was interesting.

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sadly there arent that many adult mods on F3 that arent buggy or completely finished.


AP was rlly unstable for me compared to sexout.


Seducing women was quite fun , aswell as quo vagis, playthings ( NV version never worked for me :P)


You can use Tale of Two Wastelands and play sexout content in F3 there is even a sexout encounters mod for F3 for use with TTW.



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