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Skyrim Hooves Armor Question !!!


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Hi Homeboys

I Have a Question.


I wanted to ask if anyone can change this mod:





Because I can no other armor to wear and similar mods I do not find even.

Is there a possibility that I still can equip other armor with the hooves ???

Or is there a body mesh for this armor ??


THX for help and sorry for my english.


This is Translate by GOOGLE !!!




Hallo zusammen


Ich bräuchte Hilfe und zwar kann jemand diesen Mod ändern:





Weil ich würde gerne zu diesen Hufen noch andere Outfits ausrüsten also wenigsten noch ein Oberteil oder so.

Aber es geht nicht weil diese Hufen wohl als ganze Rüstung durchgehen.

Gibts da nicht noch eine andere Lösung für oder hat jemand diese Hufen als mesh datei so das sie als körperteil dazugehört ?


Danke für die Hilfe



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That would depend if the mod was just modified to be legs or not the original mod has a top and shorts that go with it. So if the top and shorts were not removed completely from the mesh then putting something else on like a shirt would remove it but if they modified it to where all that is in the mesh is the legs then you should be able to wear a top and shorts but not something that equips boots or it will remove it. Though you might get clipping with some things like pants.

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I just looked at the files and you should be able to wear them and wear a shirt/top and pants/bottom as it looks like all that is in the mesh is the goat legs but you will not be be able to wear anything that equips boots with a outfit as it will cause the goat legs to be removed you will probably also get clipping if the pants/bottom part goes past the top part of the goat legs. You will also need UNPB with BBP to wear this or you will probably get a CTD.


There is also another version of this on LL that has a top and pants that go with the goat legs and it doesn't require UNPB and BBP. It's in this thread and the download link was posted by Alphaman. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14642-reqa-succubus-body/

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