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Anyone have some spare time?


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Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone had some spare tie to make a few form lists...


This is basicly dividing people in the wastes into a few categories:


To use the basic terms evil, neutral and good.


Basicly I want a way to divide the characters you meet into some categories where some people will do nasty stuff and other won't. This as a resource that all the modders here can use.


For example in Hookups plugin I can then make it so that only people in the evil category will have a chance of trying to rape the character, and perhaps even have good people trying to attack the raper... (that last one is a bit of a strech at teh moment since I don't know how I would script that, but it might be done in the future).



Anyone feel up to do this?

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This may come as a surprise but erm... im free.


Great! You know how to do this?


I suggest downloading Sexout Common Resources in http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3455 and adding it there before re-uploading it there so that it will be a part of a common resource mod.


As to who is evil and good. I have no idea, but use common sense and ask for suggestons here if you are unsure.


Send me a PM if you need any help, even tho it may not have seemed like it lately I am still here every day :P

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Bromm! Missed seeing you around' date=' buddy. I understand the life-getting-in-the-way thing though. :)



I missed hanging around here! Well life has been extremely busy (I have barely had any time for work..), but I have been working on some ideas and project a little here and a little there... So will see if I cant get out a new plugin over christmas or something like that.


You guys have kept busy tho! lots of new stuff added and old stuff improved!

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