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XEO vs or in addition to MBP??


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Hi all! THanks for the great site! First post as I am mostly trying to read up on everything right now.


Do you all use MBP in addition to XEO? Or is it a one or the other type mod? Do the base files conlict with each other, since they both modify certain aspects of the main races?


Thanks in advance!



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you can use xeo with mbp but it must be dead last in your load order also most loverspk mods require mbp so if you plan to use those mbp is a an absolute must where as i can think of nothing that requires xeo.


xeo also changes the directories of vanilla races and royally screws a good deal of other mods.

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It all depends on your tastes. As GSBmodders said many lovers plugins require MBP so getting it is almost required.


Xeo is basically a anime style replacer for most of the vanilla game npc's (no more old ugly people). If you decide to install Xeo (I run it myself) then use Xeosp++ as it is quite compatible with other mods now.


Previous versions of Xeo were not and could cause all kinds of hell :(


If anime is not for you then MBP now has an NPC replacer that is slowly gaining popularity: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3087

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MBP is required for XEO so regardless you would need to have MBP installed anyway. Unless, of course, you had some entirely different vanilla race overhaul mod that you wanted to install.


Personally, I have all facets of MBP installed plus XEORC4. XEORC4, in particular, allows you (the player) to access and create XEO races but it does not affect NPCs. Or in other words, only your character has the potential to look pretty whereas everyone else is vanilla (or ugly, depending on your opinion). Obviously, if you wanted NPCs to be affected by the XEO appearance then you'll need a different version of XEO, like XEO5 or XEOSP.

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HentaiGnome, that is not true with regards to Xeo requiring MBP. I ran Xeo for years without MBP!!!


Now if you are serious about using lovers mods you are going to have to knuckle under and install MBP. I held out as long as I could with the wonderful No-MBP patches but eventually those became impossible to maintain and I surrendered to the Borg that is MBP :)


On a serious note I have not regretted installing MBP as I was fortunate enough to get the all in one OMOD from Suzistar so its installation was a snap :)

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Strange... I could've sworn MBP was required for XEO. Meh, then again I never really tried installing XEO without MBP. The instructions I read a while back when I was just getting into the whole Oblivion modding thing almost always said that MBP was required prior to XEO.


I guess if it works then it works. :)

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