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How to Fix dreaded T-Pose while running too fast ??


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It is not really caused by FNIS. And it usually happens outside fighting when you are doing combat and swtich from sheethed to combat pose, a split second T-pose happens and then it switch correctly to what animation it was suppose to use.


It seem to be searching too long it will go T-Pose first instead of instant animation switch.


Not sure how to fix this bug because it looks like skyrim engine bug.

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the T-pose causes 0_master.hkt file! it is outdated and needs to be deleted.
You can visit them at: Data \ meshes \ actors \ character \ behaviors \ 0_master.hkt.


german \ deutsch !


die T-pose verursacht die 0_master.hkt datei ! sie ist veraltet und muß gelöscht werden .
du findest sie unter : Data\meshes\actors\character\behaviors\0_master.hkt .


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