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pose mod conversion from fallout 3.


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First time I look at a fallout mod. Looks pretty similar to oblivion. dds files for textures, the good old nif/kf system for animations. Nice original ideas in this mod. Looks like I just have to play with the CS and script a menu ( oookay a 150 animation menu, nothing comparable to chain it, but just a matter of time... ) :)


Nice meshes, and finally a rope mesh that I've been looking for ! Maybe I'll add some home-made poses if I'm inspired.


So damn happy to be back into business after chain it. Working on it !

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Had heard that oblivion to fallout 3 was rather easy, but the other way round...

It's a real mess to convert animations from fallout to oblivion. No tool available. And a skeleton that differs in very few key elements which blocks any manual attempt.


In other words, I'm screwed on this one.

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that mods download page also has a seperate download for screenshots of the poses, it would be easier to recreate them then it would be to convert them


geechan wrote a tutorial on how to create poses and even included how to create obj poses. its a stupid simple tutorial even a complete noob cannot screw it up.


if i remember right it was posted at tesadventures



they have a lot of other useful tutorials posted there as well, considering how the oblivion modding community is rapidly shrinking that tutorial listing is a handy bookmark to have

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Well, after fighting against blender that had decided it wouldn't export meshes anymore...

After correcting manually a nif export protocol...

I got the thing working !




His image package only has poses 0 to 83. His latest file has 150. So it's going to be guesswork... unless someone could provide me with pictures of those last poses ( somehow the animation viasualisation in blender fails for fallout when it works for oblivion... )


NB : my favourite tutorial for character animations ( the one that has taught me everything ) is that one : http://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php/Blender/Creating_a_Character_Animation


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I'm currently doing it. Takes me about 10-30 mn to convert a pose ( depends on the difficulty of the posture ). Multiply by about 80-100 poses I expect to be able/want to convert and you get a big amount of work. Got 18 done at the moment.


THAT is a quite a LOAD of work!! Hats off to you for tackling it! :)

Take your time and don't get burned out!

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