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Fallout 3 sex mod support?

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Sorry if this comes across as a newb question. The fact that Fallout 3 and New Vegas are grouped together here in the LL forums made me think (or rather hope) that mods here would work on both versions. Yet so far, looking at mod descriptions and user guides posted here it appears that almost everything is focused on New Vegas. Do Sexout and mods based on it work on Fallout 3? If not, is there an equivalent for Fallout 3? Thanks for any help.

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There's equivalents for FO3, but they're very limited compare to what FNV have. For most people it's way more easier to run FNV instead, as it runs well on modern systems and with mods like Tale of Two Wastelands(TTW), you can combine both games in one with all benefits of FNV modding. Some mods have TTW versions to add content into FO3 part of the mod, FO3 to TTW mod conversions also should be easy to find

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Thanks for mentioning TTW, I was unaware of it. I had picked up Fallout 3 for free on Epic. If I'm understanding correctly, I can buy FNV on Steam, then use TTW to run both of them under the FNV engine, making FNV mods available for both. I hope I've understood that correctly.

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