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just one SOS ctd that I can't figure out


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Everything seems to be working for the NPC's but if I try to strip the player character its instant crash. XP32 compatibility mod hasn't helped.

I've tried to find a solution  but I'm still stumped.

Some posts seem to suggest sos encounters problems with sexlab and slot 52? Do I just disable it in the mcm list?


any help or direction would be appreciated

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male and female npc's are fine. female PCs work fine. its just any moment where a male pc has to strip down or if i unequip his armor it makes a ctd happen.

and yeah I tried installing them in that order and it didn't change anything unfortunately


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I had this issue as well.  For me it was only when playing either a high elf or a wood elf, but nords, bretons, orcs, etc were fine (forgot to ever test dark elves, so not sure there).  It happened every time I stripped my males PC.  I determined the problem was due to DragonFly's TBBP poackage.  TBBP includes an ESP called "Orc&ElfFix4TBBP.esp".  If this file was below SOS in the load order, immediate CTD with High/Wood elf.  If it was above SOS in the load order, it worked fine.  BOSS marks it as unrecognized so when running BOSS, the esp is moved below SOS so I have to always manually move it.  I just found this particular issue last night when testing - had completely clean install, and only loaded the bare minimums to test - SkyUI, AlternateStart (I'll be damned if I'll sit through that damn carriage ride ever again), SOS, and ADEC (which uses TBBP).  I made a post on the SOS page on Nexus about what I found.  My only question is that I cannot find any info on where that ESP should be in the load order.  I've searched through google, nexus, here, etc, but no info on appropriate load order position.  Also, does anyone know exactly what this ESP fixes?  So far, having the ESP above SOS has not presented any other issues, but I haven't played very long with that adjustment.


Of course, if you are not using TBBP, then please ignore this...

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Not using any custom races.

I might just do a reinstall of everything. I'm pretty new to modding skyrim and still learning about load orders and such. I'm surprised it took me this long to run into problems. Testament to all the excellent work that goes on around here.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

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