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Where is the bottleneck when nothing is stressed out?


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For the fps part,

I'm using enboost with rcrn on/off by proxy

when rcrn is off, the fps can still drop to 10~20 (e.g. walking on large wild area outside whiterun)

while the monitor shows that the usage isn't that horrible, even at maximum record.


What is the problem or what should I check next?

(I assume the gt630m is in use because the temperature is ~45 when not really using, and ~52 when playing skyrim.

I think the ~7degree won't be the heat from other parts of my laptop)

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You're on a laptop. It's throttling itself so as to not get hot.


While 50C is okay for desktops, that's piping hot for laptops.

.....It doesn't sound right to me since a laptop graphic card can easily reach 50C.

If your laptop graphic card throttle at 50C, it has some serious setting problems.

The idle temperature is ~46C, so.......4degrees of no throttling range? Think about it again.

(Are you living in region with near/sub zero temperature? If yes than it's the problem, I'm living in 2X~3X degrees) 


Without VRAM and FPS you graph doesn't say much... I hope that they a false values becuase 62MB Vram would be a loading screen or a main menu, and that is not something that takes alot of power.


Now I really suspect my nvidia optimus is tricking me.

I also noticed that VRAM is too low (even with my poor knowlegde in VRAM)

Since I have 2k textures (lite) full pack installed+SMIM.


I'll make a test with intel HD 4000 as target......But what's the next step if nvidia optimus is really malfunctioning?

(I have both general setting+skyrim setting pointing to nvidia, no way to get it wrong)

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like a said when I look at the gpu usage and vram usage, you are showing me a graph of a loading screen or the main menu, that thing just does nothing^^ optimus is bugged on skyrim, i remember something like that years ago but I have no optimus laptop so don't know how it's bugged, sorry^^

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nvidia inspector confirmed the GPU isn't even at working voltage(850 but not 975mV) and of course other figures are also asleep.

Go to Hell Nvidia optimus.....


Problem fixed for GPU (average 78%,369MB VRAM / VPU 0%, MCU max=31%, mem clock shader clock are also pretty high),

but for CPU it's still like 9% in average.

Is there any ways to improve it? (Thought of unparking, but even the current few cpu threads aren't in heavy load)

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Slower hard drive can also bottleneck a system. if you think everything is alright and you notice you still get lag or stutter it is bets to check if your hardrive is the cause. you can quickly test this out. hit alt key to quickly run forward if you noticed stutter then maybe your hard drive is not able to read and write quick enough.

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