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I uninstall LandE but the hud wont go away.

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I removed all the installed files but the hud is still there.  I havent even used it on this save game but the hud was there when I added the Pluggy hud back. So I went through removeing everything related to landE and the hud is still there. I deleted the images. HUD is still there.


My mind is exploding.

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For me, this always works:

1. rename or move the HUD plugin in the folder hillie mentioned

2. load game (hud should be gone)

3. save game (aka creating a "clean save")

4. change/move the HUD plugin back

5. load game again

6. if the HUD has been successfully deactivated, save again, continue playing


Of course if you don't have/need any custom HUDs after deactivating LandE, you could just do step 1 and leave it at that.

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Well what I did was uninstall pluggy again start up game and save. Then re-reinstalled it and it worked.


The weirdest thing about it is that I had never used LandE on this save, or even for a long time.  Cause it seemed to glitch a lot.  I had just installed pluggy (after a long time not using it) to use a different HUD mod.  And the LandE hud appeared. 


Anyways I fixed it. Hope this topic helps anyone else with issues.

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