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[MONSTER-GIRL] coc 1.4 (PLAGUE.Patch 27.11.2013)

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Downloading right now.


But since i'm using the darkUI immersive loading screens, i will probably not install the Monsterggirl Loading Screens, so it will not mess everythings up

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Well, so the summoned spider daedra will not be COC one, right? alright.




.... not yet. Emily haven't got the time to test it.


Male spider daedra is interesting.


But when they decide to remove their pants.


The game crashed.




.. Not directly, first they will display missing half of their leg stretched to infinity. Then leg the game crashed dramatically.

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I think this is an interesting mod, I keep checking for updates even if I won't be on Oblivion sometimes. I like to keep up to date with the progess of this mod.

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The angel faction suddenly became hostile, is there any way to reset it?

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Bloodfeast Captive




New oblivion captive for the next upgrade, One that completely infested with tore down breast, missing limb and chained.

The infestor took over the lesser female host body as parasite and able to communicate verbally through it's host.

Only strong and willing host able to evolve into Wretches, The weak host serve as cattle, Toy and cannon fodder.

Player can do mercy kill to put down their misery....or rape them to their misery.


They spread diseases, of course.






The wretch appear in several form of mixed humanoid and monstrous insect that evolved from their host captives.

wretch obey single operative mind from hive queen like mundane organized insect, seek to expand their territory for captive and resources for their biological perfection. Wretch slay all male captive and keep the female alive to breeds, Unconsciously They adapted their victim mind, overtime turned into the ruthless feminist in the monster universe.






The Ambernite roam the oblivion plain and can be found among daedric creature, They are split into two subspecies of Snail or Hornet. Content to dwell and share the oblivion peacefully with the demon wretches as their sentries.






Flesh Maiden are undead occasionally found in necromancer lair. Unlike other undead, flesh maiden can absorb their victim essence to improve their own resistance, condition, mentality and fortitude. Flesh maiden seek to absorb as many essence as possible to restore themselves into perfect shape they once had in life, ironically only to be decaying again on the next day.

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everything you posted here about MG looks stunning, but i still would need some description of what exactly are the features of the game and what it changes about oblivion.

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It add exclusive monster girls NPC to oblivion game. The NPC use special modified 'Actor-Creature skeleton' compatible with BBB and use creature anim on every movement action. Thus compatible with every known Lovers plugins sex animations. You can make love with spider daedra and other specimens mentioned in this mod (unless noted otherwise).


Secondarily, This mod also various dungeon captive similar to fallout.3 for you to save. When you spot a damsel raped by zombie or gangbanged by goblin or suffer demonic tentacle infestation, you can save them from their demise.


Thirdly, This mod promote Necrophilia and bondage fetish.


Lastly, Bunch of new spell.








New Sload for the next upgrade.

The crocolisk is the perfect and final form of sload morphological of a mix between large shark, Toad, crocodile and human. All Sload species now have barnacle spread all over their body from.

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will the 'Actor-Creature skeleton' have ragdoll physics with their boobs when dead?


btw: no male spider daedra please...

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All, except the centaur and lamia and yes we'll have male spider daedra eventually. Emily always wanted them for anatomy shop keepers.







A concept to spread mini dungeon tentacle cave all over Cyrodill, As traveling network somewhere beneath every city sewer. Fighting off million of demonic sperm and save the captured villager inside the vagina tunnel while swimming in river of Cum.


Be like overzealous sperm and conquer your way inside for treasure and fap materials. This is heaven, yes?


How emily love Internet. It makes her feel like whore of babylon after getting so much penis attention to her project. Mwahaha

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I'm always mildly annoyed at downloading all the separate parts from 4shared and then invariably redownloading 1/2 of them because they are broken.


Mirror/Combined download



  • Data Files 1.0b (monstergirl-coc 0.3.7z)
  • v1.2 patch (TOJAY-CoC 1.2.7z)
  • 28-07-2013 Patch

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Excelent, thank you. Emily will add the link once she hit the desktop.

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That's a photoshop art renders for this thread posterity.


Emily doesn't use any ENB or graphic enhancer on her game.


Check out: oblivion general discussion: screenshooting techniques. For tutorial.

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Hey Emily, I just wanted you to know that you've done an awesome job here.  Really great work, I hope you keep it up!

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Hey Emily, I just wanted you to know that you've done an awesome job here.  Really great work, I hope you keep it up!









Emily been working on the fascinating tentacle dungeon, THeir interior is coming nicely. Now selecting the Dungeon denizen with Lusty disgusting object like some series of undead whores and oozes.

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