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Are there any global value variables? Either using CK or SKSE?


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What I'm trying to do is change the value of all armors and weapons to 5x their current value, so for instance something that has a value of 20 gold would be 100 gold, 25 gold value would be 125 gold and so on. Thus far I've manually changed most of the armors but there are a ridiculous amount of weapons, probably like 2-3x the amount of armors that there are and manually doing every single one seems like it'll probably give me carpel tunnel or something... there has to be an easier way than changing every single item's value manually.


So uh... Is there any kind of global value setting using either the construction set or maybe SKSE or something? I don't want to have to do all of this when I really don't have to and I could have just changed one little number instead.


The only variables I've been able to find are...

fBarterBuyMin - Lowest price the player can buy an item for (in percentage of item value)
fBarterMax - Highest multiplier/divisor for buy/sell prices
fBarterMin - Lowest multiplier/divisor for buy/sell prices
fBarterSellMax - Highest price the player can sell an item for (in percentage of item value)


But they either don't work or they're confusing as hell.


fbarterbuymin -> 5000 = something that sold for 200g will sell for 6g, but you still buy at 210g

fbarrtersellmax -> 9999 = nothing

fbartermax -> 9999 = nothing

fbartermin ->9999 = 200g sell becomes 3g sell and it remains 210g to buy


What's more...

fbarterbuymin -> -1 = everything has no value selling and everything is super expensive buying

fbartermin -> -5000 = ^

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