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[REQ] Skies of Arcadia based mods

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I loved Skies of Arcadia but not many seem to know about it. I would love if anyone would like to work on this. I don't have the time to work on it myself.

What I would mainly love to see are the main character's clothing found inside their crashed airship, The Delphinius.

Main characters : Vyse 


and Fina


The Delphinius 


Skies of Arcadia wiki 


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and/or consider it.

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I can't imagine the Delphinus ever crashing, I mean come on, when you take a ship that rigged and combat that <final boss> I doubt there's much left to make that beast crash lol.  I'd completely forgotten about Skies, and yeah a lot of it might be pretty good...probably not the delphinus though, kinda large, it's an airship...yeah...unfortunately, having class from 7 to 6 on the daily keeps me a bit busy :-/

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