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Slavery Mods - Are there any more out there?


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I found the Skyrim Slavery System a while ago, which while it had great potential, wasn't the best due to glitches and few conflicts on my end. I was hoping for it to be updated, but on further investigation it seems that it's dead.


After more searching I found the Paradise Falls Slavery Mod, which is a lot more streamlined and easy to use than S3 (in my opinion), yet still lacks quite a bit. On it's page it has a bunch of future things planned, but it hasn't been updated for months now, so I assume it's also dead.


Is there another mod out there? Something that came along that made these two abandon their projects, like Sexlab did to all the other sex mods? Or is it a lost cause?

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Give it time the maker has been busy with work. so working on paradise falls has taken a back burner but he will get there. He made some really positive strifes when his mod went from 0.6 to 0.7.3


These types of mods take a very long time too make. did you see paradise halls from fallout 3 ?? It took many more years to even make that what he has made.


No there are no other mods like these you do have SD but it is only based on player slave. but not the player can enslave.

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There is a slavery framework under active development right now that will allow all sorts of slavery mods to be developed much as the SexLab framework allowed for a lot of sex mods. Patience.


I had a feeling there might be something like that. Have you got any links to it?

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