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Freeside thugs - Do they ever stop coming?


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The title says it all. I entered Freeside for the first time and was constantly assaulted by wave after wave of these pathetic thugs until I got tired of them and quit. It doesn't feel realistic that they are so many. I would really like things to calm down so I can relax and explore in peace but I don't want to use a mod to remove them completely. Do they ever stop coming?

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Normally they spawn in groups of 2-4. If you dispose of them, that should keep it quiet for a while, until they respawn. Check out the Fallout wiki, if you want to know exactly how many there are supposed to be. If you have spawn increasing mods, that behaviour could be changed though, to a higher number, depending on the options you set.

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Guest MexMayhem

Thats why I have my trusty companions Willow and Delilah. I'm off digging in trash cans and I can here the gunfire. Thugs don't know what hit 'em. Free caps anyone? :D

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If your reputation in Freeside is less than stellar; say Merciful Thug or

worse, the thugs will actually run away from you. My gal blew away the creeps

from the Silver Rush, and then she blew away Mick and Ralph because they insulted

her. No more thug problem as a result. Relations are still good with the Kings and

the Followers of the Apocalypse, BTW.

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