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Need help adding BNB bones to Miranda's suit so I can convert it to CBBE (FNV)

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So I've been wanting to have Miranda's suit on CBBE for a while and have tried a couple of times to convert it, but I either ended up with technical issues or realized the mesh I was using didn't have BNB bones on it, and now that I'm more experienced in outfit studio and know how to convert outfits to CBBE, I need someone who can add BNB bones to this mesh so I can convert it and then release it here, please help.





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Does the fallout outfit studios have a BnB skeleton? If it does start a new project then load that nif into it using the file option and select the outfit and body then go to the bone tab and select the BnB bones then there is a tab where you can copy selected weights and then add selected weights. This should add those bones to the outfit and you should be able to overwrite the old nif just make sure to make a backup just in case.

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