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!Cheesecake 3BA bodyslide presets

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Bodies made after a sword and sorcery style (cheesecake) fantasy.


My favorite presets I've made for bodyslide. Please make sure you have bodyslide, cbbe 3ba installed before trying. Which can be found here:



CheesecakeLemon has a nice perky pair along with curvaceous hips, butts, and legs. 

Cheesecakepumpkin is for those who like their cup spilling over in the busty category.

CheesecakeSourApple deadly looking barbaric women. Excellent for smashing heads together! I highly recommend Paunchy Muscular Body Normal Map with this (used in screen shots).

           Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/56183

CheesecakeCaramel A softer more bubble butt, rounded gravity breasts, thinner legs yet with curvy outside thighs. Ideal for spell casters along with those who like to eat to many sweet rolls.

CheesecakeCandyCorn A petite top but very curvaceous pear shape butt and thighs. Happy Halloween! 

!CheesecakeHoneyGlaze Amazon curved woman that could kill with their thighs alone!

!CheesecakePumpkinPie A "tweaked" version of Pumpkin with thicker chest along with wider back, adjusted hips, tweaked breast and nips. 

!CheesecakeCreampuff For those who like it THICC. Women that can come at you and say "I must break you." :)

!CheesecakeLemonCreame A tweaked version of lemon and slightly bustier.

!CheesecakeMango Best for milfs who still have curves.

!CheesecakeWatermelon A preset that can rival Pumpkin.

!CheesecakeBombshell2 All around tweaks with lots of curves, puffy breast and nips and clothes version. More on the fantasy side.

!CheesecakePoundCake A thicker version of bombshell with rounder breasts and butt, slightly wider torso with more curves given to have shapely legs. Naked version has puffy nipples along with lowered height to simulate wight. Formally known as Wenchified renamed to avoid confusion.

!CheesecakePrimalNord A VERY muscular body works well with CBBE Muscle Solution textures.

!CheesecakeCinnamonroll For a more natural look and weight given to breasts.

New Presets

!CheesecakeMounds A very Busty (Implant type) preset and more bubble butt. (Think Donita Dunes, Tiffany Towers, etc.)

!CheesecakeLewd Maximum bust and butt built along the lines of hentai milfs.




All presets now in !CheesecakePack zip file. Simply install with modmanger of your choice.


Or do it the old school way below:

To install simple drag and drop into: Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets 

I put (!) before their name so they should be at the top of the preset dropdown menu.


Check out 3BA Config at bottom











Recommended 3BA Configuration

I recommend the following boxes checked for best results. 

Don't forget to run FNIS afterwards.

 Screenshot (17).png


 Screenshot (18).png

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    bodyslide cbbe 3BA
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Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this.....


Deadly barbaric women!


The new release in the Cheesecake line, made after heroic barbarian women I present.... Sour Apple.


Why name it sour apple? Well anything this flavor has always punched me in the face with it's taste so why not.


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37 minutes ago, ChandraArgentis said:

For future releases, could you make a 'pack' that contains all of the presets?  That way if I want to preview them all in bodyslide, I don't have to do ~40 downloads.

Will do! :D


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53 minutes ago, ChandraArgentis said:


Apologies, but could you explain in more details what the differences in the wench versions is?

Gladly. The wenchified preset 0 weight was tweaked to be petite but curvy most notability the butt, legs, breast, and nipples were altered along with the full body sliders. 1 weight really has numbers cranked up that I normally wouldn't have thought to use until I was experimenting with a few weeks ago and liked what I was getting as result. Perkiness, for example, if you crank the sliders into negative numbers really produces a nice roundness to the breasts.  Hips were altered and brought forward, the back was altered and made a little thicker. Legs were tweaked and spaced apart. The Butt and Breasts were the most work done to adjusting the sliders to get the size and roundness just right, big but not to big. Nipples were made big and puffy on the naked version again to stand out. The Clothed version already has a "Push up" option with a bit more cleavage along with the nipple sliders taken way down so as not to poke through outfits. Naked has gravity to the breast to symbolize weight . Compared to my other presets this one is thicker and the most smooth in my opinion. 


Phew I hope this answers your question, sry for rambling on lol.

Edited by Felgaru1313
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