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  1. Don't worry about changing in the future. Just needed to know if I needed to diff the old voice files first. Now that I have a cache, the export script will automatically handle old changes. It's just a matter of starting it off. Lines are synthesizing right now. Good lord there's a lot of them.
  2. @Gristle Hey, before I do a delta patch for the previous voice files, could you tell me if any lines from 2.1 were changed for 3.0/1?
  3. Here's a voice file delta update for 2.0.39 -> 2.0.42. You don't need the previous delta. sublola_voice_update.rar
  4. This would be greatly appreciated. The explanation in the EventTemplate is nice, but... I'm currently struggling through figuring out an event actually registers itself - the scripts for Windheim Extension doesn't seem to even respond to the register mod event, so I'm going insane.
  5. 2.0.41 additive voice files (Needs Project Echo 2.0.39 files to be complete) posted here.
  6. Additive voice files update for 2.0.41. Needs @Executaball's 2.0.39 voice files to be complete. sublola_voice_update.rar
  7. @Executaball How do you do your preprocessing/word replacements? Synthutil's CSV editor? If so, would you be willing to share your word list? No point reinventing the wheel, though I totally get if you don't want to. @bruhfrman I can post the additive update I made for SL 2.0.41 if you want.
  8. While it's not officially compatible, I've had absolutely no issue with using DD. DCL is another story. It seems like if this is installed, DCL doesn't allow prison as a viable option - however, if you get into prison in some other way (I uses LAL to test) it still works just fine.
  9. Posting the voice files here as well. PrisonAlternative_Executions_WindHelm_Voice.rar
  10. @Pamatronic Here's a quick and dirty update to the Windhelm expansion voicefiles. PrisonAlternative_Executions_WindHelm_Voice.rar
  11. Is there a way to stop the Slavemaster from moving around? With Interactive BDSM going, he almost always takes off from his position beside the cell to sandbox with the girl on the cross.
  12. Is it intended that a 'motivational' punishment applies the contract extension in the same way that a punishment for other reasons does?
  13. Is there a way to get DD Blindfolds to work with Joys of Perspective? Currently, when in first-person, I can see like in third- but can't move.
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