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I'm looking for an open apron for males

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With or without Ruffles?

Covers chest or waist only?

With or without a penis... lol

I assume you will have all the body parts... then place and rig the garment on your rig. So, made for standard EA YA Male?


Curious... would you prefer just the properly set up mesh (OBJ file), to the finished package file? If sequenced you'd need to extract the mesh anyway wouldn't you?


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Really, wouldn't you just need the body for the animation sequencing?  Any garment selected should work depending on the amount of clipping that particular garment produces for the amount of stretch and compression when boned for the body.  If the sequence is for a particular garment I could see it but never seen a garment particular to an animation sequence in Sims 3. Devices/objects - yes.  You could have a long series of sequences where one goes to the dresser and puts on an outfit, performs, then waits for the clothing reset. 


I would think that would be more practical. That way the garment could also be rigged so it would seem to flow more naturally with the Sim's movements. Rather than the stiff following of the Boned garment on the Sim. It would mean a bit more thought goes into the Rigging and a bit more manipulation of armatures from point A to Point B. 


IDK: your the animator.

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