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RE3 Jill Outfit - Fusion Girl

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RE3 Jill Outfit - Fusion Girl

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Jill outfit ported from Resident Evil 3.



-Fusion Girl


-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (Optional, Recommended): Included meshes are zero sliders, you need to build the outfit in bodyslide to fit it to your preset.


-Fallout 4 High Heels System (Optional, Recommended): Shoes are only slighted elevated to take into account the sole. You can go without it, but it looks better with HHS.




Donwload the file, install with any mod manager. Make sure the esp is active. (It's esl flagged so it won't take max esp space).


To fit the outfit to your body shape open bodyslide and build  "RE Jill Outfit FG" with your FG preset.




Add Jill outfit from RE3.


Has some armor value and special stats and can be upgrade with ballistic and miscellaneus weave. Also can be legendary upgrade, provide you have a mod that add legendary modification.


Everything can be build at chem station under the category "RE Jill Outfit".




-Originally I want to make a Fusion Girl conversion of this same port from Xavier here. But it wasn't totally well fitted to the body, that was even more noticiable when conver it to FG, make any preset looks bigger than it should. So decide to port it from scracht again, as using FG sliders is way easy to correctly fit it. If you want a CBBE version check linked Xavier port.


-Don't take into account the dark pendant in some ss, I was testing things and have a unrelated cubemap problem. It will be silver as it should in your game (well, assuming you don't have problems with your cubemaps too LOL).


-The gloves are from Dicky's Pinup Outfit (FG conversion here, the one in the main page is outdated).




-Capcom: Resident Evil Resistance


-Fusion Girl - 3BBB by Team ZeX

-BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente




-Don't use any assets here for any commercial or paywalled purposes.


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