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just WW suggestion

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So there's condoms and pills to avoid pregnancy tho it's be great to have option to get surgery unabling getting pregnant for females or being able to impregnate for males. As far as I know there's no such addon it could cost bigger sum of money and sim would spended day at hospital and could have 7 days of feeling weak. If such thing is already in mod and I haven't noticed, sorry for bothering.

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6 hours ago, snowdog04 said:

There used to be an Infertile reward trait, but it got removed.  Turbo is being oddly stubborn about putting it back.  But you can do cas.fulleditmode, go into gender customization, and change the sim's pregnancy option to "neither."

There is the Hypofertile trait which significantly reduces pregnancy chances.

When I say significantly - I've never had a sim get pregnant with that trait.

But if you absolutely want to ensure that a pregnancy never happens then disabling it is the best way.

Either through CAS or changing WW settings.


I have a sim in my save who's currently on Day 0 of her cycle. Prime time for pregnancy.

Without Hypofertile: 73.7% chance of pregnancy

With Hypofertile: 1.1% chance of pregnancy

And this is on her most fertile day.

Any other time it would be a 0% chance with the trait.

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