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Keep getting crash to desktop since last update of Sims 4 and WW

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I updated to the latest version of WW (165h) after the Sims 4 update ( I have no other mods but lots of CC, although no new CC since the update. I keep getting a CTD at random times, usually about 5-10 minutes after starting. There is no message saying why it crashed.

Anyone else having this problem? Is it some incompatibility between WW and the game?

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11 minutes ago, ozman9 said:

I have no other mods but lots of CC

Use the 50/50 method of removing CC to a temp folder on your desktop.

Delete the localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder after removing mods/cc.

Test the game for bugs but don't make any new saves just exit when done testing.


Keep narrowing down the CC until you find the broken one/s.


It helps to have all your cc categorized by folder so you can just remove folders to test...

Then move all the same type of cc into one location.







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