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Skyrim LE freeze when Exit-Close the game

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Skyrim LE freeze when I exit the game, frozen image, no sound, it happens both when I try to return to the desktop from the game, and from the Skyrim start menu, it is as if when he has to close the game, he can no longer do it, the only one way and press Ctrl + AltGr + Del, from here I can then open the task manager on a black screen, and force it to close.


I use latest version of Fnis XXL, NMM v.0.56.1 and Loot v016.1, the problem occurred after installing some pose mods, I installed this poser mod first https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods / 90896 
and then most of the supported poses pack, like GomaPero, CrentialEroPose, Shocky Creature & Human poses, Brainsperm 1.6, BakaFactory's Pose Pack v1.2, MK poser, Halo'Poser S1.8 (manual install ,NMM not install, too big Halo's Poser), etc..

I had also installed the best dance mod on LoversLab first, but shortly after trying it I uninstalled it to make room for the packages with the poses, thinking that that was the problem, I uninstalled several mods of the last ones installed, and all the packages of the poses, but the freeze still always occurs every time the game is closed, how could I solve, or find out what is the cause?

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Did you check your FNIS output for warnings?


I know black screen mainly from too many animations installed without any fix for FNIS to either make it more stable or rise the max animation count.

You can try one of those patches:


  • Optional: Animation Limit Crash Fix (SrtCrashFix) by @mrsrt
    • The patch fixes the crash on game loading when you install too many animations with FNIS.
  • Optional: Animation Loading Fix
    • don't use it to go over the FNIS animation limit
    • ⚠️useful to stabilize the process of loading a game with FNIS XXL installed => I use it to prevent endless loading screens with FINS XXL
    • ⚠️ don't use SrtCrashFix and Animation Loading Fix together, use only one. I got CTD if used both (needs confirmation)
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