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43 minutes ago, mstarluv said:

Exception thrown while calling remove on Situation_RoommateNPC_Events_GetHype


Pretty sure this a known game bug and I had the same thing going on when I had Roommates living with my sim at my Household.


The game adds random hidden quirks/hidden traits to Roommates when they are created.

NPC's with Active or others might become Energized and do the Get Hyped Event but it's supposed to be temporary and get removed afterward.

The game is trying to remove it but can't for some reason so it causes errors.

All you can do really is boot that sim causing trouble and find a new one.

Unless you use MCCC or another mod to remove their hidden traits.


Long ago I loved having Roommates but sometime later things changed maybe by a game patch IDK.

But they became so messed up I can't have roommates at home anymore so I don't even bother.

Had better luck when my sim lived at the Dorms but like I said it was quite long ago and haven't been back since.


BTW Wicked Whims has a new version 165e but will be updated soon for the new game patch so you better hurry before it changes. 

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42 minutes ago, Scorpio said:

On a previous update it was Basemental Drugs causing it.

Found that it was again too by now, I'll remove it as I never used it anyways, but sadly Nisa's mod also causes exceptions and won't load, but hey, at least my doors are back *sigh*


I'm new to Sims, any past experience on how fast patches will happen (and yes, I'm painstakenly aware that just because itwas fixed within days last time actualy means nothing for this time as reasons for bugs could be different)?

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3 minutes ago, Mauserl said:

Found that it was again too by now, I'll remove it as I never used it anyways, but sadly Nisa's mod also causes exceptions and won't load, but hey, at least my doors are back *sigh*

If you've updated your game today then you'll have to wait a couple days at least for all the mods to get fixed and updated.

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Ok so it's not just me. I was trying to figure out why WW crashed. It's the only mod I use. (I have custom content, not very much but some.) 


ANYWAY - My sims still get naked when they take a shower and have the option to sunbathe in the nude but I have no interactions with the WW props (ie, condoms, chill pills etc.). It was very frustrating. I downloaded and re-installed and still nothing. I can see it under script mods and custom content but it does not work! The "you are running wicked wims" green and purple text bubbles don't even pop up when I enter my household. 


(Also on a different note, the new modular closets from Decorator keep deleting? For some reason only half of them stay.) 


I'll attach pictures to better describe this issue. It's strange - it seems like everything should be working properly but then ... :( 


You people who keep this mod running are the real MVPs. Thank you!! I hope this works itself out soon. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.01.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.03.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.05.34 PM.png

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