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I like to share my first and only mod, i made a few years ago. A pretty basic Player Home near Riverwood, i used the location mentioned in the Bethesda Tutorial.




mod´s altering that area are not compatible.

Yondor is navmeshed

the spiders in the dungeon are friendly

it has no indoor backround sounds( i dont like them)

you can install / uninstall it whenever you like, just dont store your stuff in there if you plan to uninstall, is so logical


you are welcome to make suggestions or grab it and do what ever you like with it.


These Mods are awesome and i can highly recommend them to fit in to your Dungeon: 






I f you know Player Homes similar to this work as a Prison PLEASE SHARE



some words may be German only one as far as i know the chest is called "meine truhe" and save to store

i think i have to replace the Fast travel marker (seems ok on SSE)


I plan to continue work on it...









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