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Cindy Lennox Racemenu Preset High Poly Head

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Cindy Lennox Racemenu Preset High Poly Head

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Flufy Fox
Cindy Lennox

This is my Cindy Lennox based preset :3 shes character from Resident evil Outbreak series, i will let an basic list for the mods needed, you can check my discord too.  Oh i Forgot to mention the Race is Nord.

If you want the body look exactly same as my, she have medium to small breats, use uunp or bhunp, so i will list bhunp since is pretty nice for le too. I can add reference sliders pics or i try to make on the cbbe body too.


---Main mods i use on all my Characters---

BHUNP Next Generation 
High Poly Head Vector Plexus
KS Hairdos
SG Female Eyebrows
Better Females Eyebrows
freckles for female
The Eyes of beauty
Linds Humans Eyes - Player Standalone
Eyes of Aber
Mikans Eyes
The Witcher Eyes
Female Makeup Suite 2K
Freckle Mania 2 Combo 4K
Female Expressive Facial Animation
Skin Texture was Fair skin, but i am using Diamond now.

This list is all mods i have now that i was using on my chars, i will let 2 presets, one with no make up and a normal blue skyrim eye, and another one full modded, and 2 files with mod managers path and one with just the files.



For the all the others authors of the mods i used to create her, theres too many so i put the for the main mods needed.
Vector Plexus

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  • 3 months later...
On 10/15/2021 at 11:03 PM, FlufyFox said:

Well ppl i think will not post any of my Preset ever again, i was thinking in let more of my girls public, but i saw som e stuff and ppl that made me regret, so no hope on me posting characters preset again i am sorry.

Is there no more way to get presets? I liked them very much. I use many of the mods from your list, but I don't have such beautiful ones (

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11 hours ago, GoldenGoblin said:

Is there no more way to get presets? I liked them very much. I use many of the mods from your list, but I don't have such beautiful ones (

My girls ? Well yea i was about to post being followers some that ppl asked like Anna and Celestine, but no one have my others characters files, the one i posted i really like too i used her on my last vid, but idk its dont get a good feedback so why do i should post the others :v its jsut non sens xD

But yeah maybe you can get with somene Cindy.

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