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Just got time to reinstall and improve/add more mods to my skyrim se and after I felt like finished started the game with alternate life mod, and met a few wolves/horse and dogs and I came across a bug(?), most of the creature genitals are static even after I've setup everything in order, have ABC and its asos compatibility patch/mod.

Anyone seen/came across the same issue, or it's just me?


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The use of SOS type dynamic beast willies seem to be animation specific. Some (more "recent") have it, some (old animations made prior to ABC and ABC-like mechanisms) don't.


It's tough to know exactly which have been updated without checking each associated pack download page), since the links in the compatibility tracking don't show update time, so to keep abreast of most recent animation pack downloads, check their pages. If I'm not mistaken, more and more have dynamic responses than they once had. And that's both with ABC+ ASOS or with MNC schlongs. (I had thought MNC schlongs were all static, but both trolls and giant equipped with MCN often still provide animated schlong response in *some animations (and are otherwise static and don't conform at all, they're just blunt immutable "sticks" for all intents and purposes)) In fact, I've found that some animations for some beasts require the use of one type or the other to work correctly.


Also, what MadManGuns said. 


Here's my load rules for MNC, fwiw. it might (or not?)  help on that issue (not necessarily the specific mods involved, since you might not have all the same mods installed, but the before/after stuff for each conflict should be somewhat useful to compare to your load order)




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