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Looking for specific mod manager that allowed me to see mods that conflicted with another

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36 minutes ago, tedlo said:

Mod The Sims....mts_dmitrymalfatto_1575387_modconflictdetector8337


Hope this helps.


That one is pretty much obsolete now and gives you false information most of the time so it's not reliable.

About all it's good for is finding duplicates.

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On 6/1/2021 at 10:19 PM, Delirious17 said:

I cannot for the life of me find a specific good mod manager that I believe let me download like house files and allow me to see if any mods conflict with others...[after re-installing the sims 4 again :P] if anyone can help I'd be elated :)

There aren't any.

Many of us use MCCC mod as it has error detection as does the Tmex Better Exceptions mod.


Much depends on whether or not the Gallery downloads have any CC (Custom Content) included.

Most of them are just regular Tray files so there isn't any problems to worry about.


Now if you download Custom Sims from other sources those usually have a ton of cc or even parts of outdated script mods included.

Pay close attention to what's inside the included Mods folders as this is where you get duplicates and other conflicts.


If you download cc hair, makeup, shoes, etc., just be sure to put them all into the same folder in mods by category.







Mods\Wicked Animations



That way any duplicates will just overwrite any other copies.

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