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  1. Only on Epic right now unfortunately but UE4 might still have some fun possibilities...
  2. Thank you for coming back here Curious on if you have an ETA on the female playable character being selectable? Can't wait!
  3. Each of the 3 games have everything but the sound/movies in file literally just called, "databin" 2.31 GB for Sigma 3.72 GB for Sigma 2 2.54 GB for Razors Edge
  4. I cannot for the life of me find a specific good mod manager that I believe let me download like house files and allow me to see if any mods conflict with others...[after re-installing the sims 4 again :P] if anyone can help I'd be elated
  5. If the gameplay and story aren't up to snuff, I'd imagine some fun mod ideas might make it more interesting to try the game out Furry mod or something else, will be curious to see what can be possible with this one
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1113560 I cannot wait to see what happens with this game here
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1232460/Onee_Chanbara_ORIGIN/ Port might not be optimal but file structure might be familiar to the Senran Kagura games So might be a fun one to mod?
  8. Yes I am shameless lol, it uses unreal and has those pakchunk windowsnoeditor.pak files
  9. There is a mod now where you can be any character https://kakarotmods.com/mods/character-switcher/ Bulma, Chi-Chi, maybe not with character select works, but for sure at least Android 18. Unreal Engine. Someone please make this happen.
  10. This is coming out now...please oh please let there be mods to really shine the artistic direction they went with the main character and more
  11. Well even if no sex mods in itself...please tell me a nude mod will be possible at the least?
  12. It's coming out and you know what kind of mods we need now lol Shouldn't be too long I hope for some creativity from this lovely community here
  13. Okay, just with the whole Resident Evil 2 RE thread drama with modding talk of a certain younger character I didn't want to see any more drama. Maybe this will be okay to mod here?
  14. https://ninokuni.fandom.com/wiki/Esther Um...I don't think the age (14) is advisable here. What else would there be to mod of worth?
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