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[REL] The Ningheim Race + Followers (New Eyes of Beauty + ENB ToD Fix)

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*NEW* Version 1.1 + Followers download page




If you are going to make a youtube video for this, please be so kind as to post a link to my own youtube channel.

Check out other users' videos below (including GameSpot)

The Ningheim are a rare race of Nord or Nede who have been gifted by The Nine with otherworldly vision to serve as a physical connection between the realm of the spirits and that of the living. Ningheim usually grow up in secluded areas, with or without protectors. It is not known how a Ningheim Nede comes to existence or where they come from, but folk-lore tells each and every one of them is specially selected by The Nine. They share the same traits as regular Men, though they usually have a striking, almost other-wordly, beauty which is said to be caused by the good health they maintain through their powerful souls. From birth a Ningheim's soul will change into what eventually become a tool to wield great power, as they are gifted with many abilities that are unfathomable by regular men over the course of their life. With the ability to look into another's mind, and even their very souls, a Ningheim is always feared no matter if they are good, evil or anything in between. Their gaze alone can break the will of their foes, their magicka can command souls, and with their powerful will they can take on any obstacle.

These are the Ningheim. Powerful warriors sent from the heavens above, sporting both heavenly beauty and terrifying power. There is no set path for a Ningheim. Become one yourself and make your mark on the province of Skyrim and beyond!


The eyes are of a Ningheim are very precious. A Ningheim relies on his/her sight to perceive the world of the soul. Without eyesight they would lose much of their power. When a Ningheim's eyesight is impaired, a strange process transforms the eyes to see directly with the soul. A Ningheim will thus never go truly blind, but they will lose their normal eyes if their eyes do get damaged. It has been said that when a Ningheim were to become a vampire their soul would reject the corporeal influence by transforming the eyes before they get tainted and they will retain their normal facial features.

The race's features

  • Works with the new Dragonborn DLC and every other official Skyrim DLC!
  • Face and body textures by Hellosanta, Urshi with special updates and changes specially made for this race.
  • Exclusive alternative female face textures by m0ckin9bird for more character creation options.
  • Includes 56+ new eye types and 63 new highly-detailed eyebrows made by Hvergelmir from Brows and Pikkatze from Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents.
  • 24 New warpaint types made by TairenSoul from TairenSoul Face Tattoo Warpaint, exclusively for this race.
  • Custom complexions with 3 new HD Dirt options.
  • Comes with built-in Smile in HD by Zzjay.
  • All new head meshes and head morphs for a totally new and refreshing look never found before in a custom race up till now.
  • Fully stand-alone body meshes and skeletons for that extra bit of customization.
  • Of course full support for DG and non-DG Vampires and Werewolves. Vampires retain their normal facial features, and get special new eyes.
  • Original new powers only available to this race, such as the ability to teleport, the power to control souls, even the power to set your foe ablaze using their own soul and MORE.
  • Powers will be gained by leveling your character instead of gifted to you for simply choosing the race. It'll keep the gameplay in balance for any player.
  • Features new followers to enrich the world with that fit in with the unique new story that has been made for your character.
  • This all is made available to you through an easy installer for the ultimate ease of use.

Installer options include:

  • Choice between two female face types.
  • UNP, UNPB, CBBE and CBBE Slim support. BBP and NeverNude variants available.
  • Different female skin textures to choose from, with choice in scars, pubic hair, body toning, and scar definition.
  • Custom Sundracon male bodies. NeverNude and updated outfits also available.
  • More will be added along the way.

Featuring NEW warpaint for men and women, made by TairenSoul
Click on the image to see the new warpaint that will be available to you for the men.

Click on the image to see the new warpaint that will be available to you for the women.

Base Stats:

    Two-handed +10
    Conjuration +5
    Block +5
    Restoration +5
    Archery +5
    Light Armor +5

    Total Skill Bonus = 35 (Just like vanilla races)

Race powers:


  • Spirit Control: The influence of your soul's power can now twist the souls of the dead to fight for you. Turn undead into ally for 60 seconds. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 8.
  • Ethereal Shift: The soul has developed and can sustain on its own. Enables a Ningheim to instantly transfer the soul to another place and rematerialize around it. Type: Lesser Power, will work for as long as you have the required magicka. Gained at level 10.
  • Soul-shattering Gaze: Increased reserves of spiritual energy can cripple your foe by showing a glimpse of your soul's true power. Paralyze a foe for 10 seconds with a chance to paralyze all foes around if the target has less than 20% health. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 15.
  • Watchful Eye of The Nine: Receive "Divine Intervention" of The Gods once your health drops below 20%. Type: Daily Power, auto-equipped. Press power-button (default='Z') to use when you get the notification. Gained at level 20.
  • Soul Ignition: A Ningheim with an overwhelming amount of spiritual energy can become powerful enough to touch another's soul and set it ablaze to completely destroy any foe. Will leave nothing left of dragons, as well. Type: Twice a day Power. Gained at level 30.
  • Soul Shade: Ningheim have enormous might, which comes with great responsibility. Take the darkness from the soul and turn it into a powerful follower for 2 minutes. Type: Daily Power. Gained at level 35.


The new character customization options


  • Mouth Forward = Lip Fullness
  • Jaw Forward = Nose Width
  • Eyebrow Forward = Eyebrow Angle


  • Jaw Forward = Nose Width
  • Eye Depth = Eye Tilt

The original functionality of these sliders was always minimal, and with the new head shape your character's head will not need them as they were. In return, you get very nice new options to create the character that you want.


The Followers

Each preset is made into a follower. Check out the image section's preset faces to get to know each one of them. :)


  • Jared
            Jared is a kind-hearted man who stands up to aid people, and prefers to spend his days aiding the township of Falkreath. At an early age Jared was taken to Falkreath hold by the Jarl of Falkreath after they found out he was a Ningheim.
            The woods around Falkreath are dangerous, and one gifted with Ningheim power would do the city well. He was taken in by priest of Arkay, and trained by the guards to fight with large two-handed swords and heavy armor.

            Prefers Heavy Armor and Two-handed weapons.
            Located in

    Falkreath's House of Arkay.


  • Keniel
            Raised an assassin to earn a living with his fast Ningheim senses. Keniel is a man who likes to deal with things discretely and doesn't care for much of the material world. All he sees are survival and people to count on or to kill. However, he would never kill just for the fun of it nor is he easily angered.
            He is lightning-fast, yet silent and prefers to use the bow before drawing his sword. Knowing he is a Ningheim he has always felt disconnected with the others around him, but another of his kind would surely fascinate him.

            Prefers Light Armor, Bows and One-handed weapons.
            Located in

    Windhelm's Candlehearth Hall.


  • Ezau
            Ezau is a Ningheim who wanders the province doing quests along the way to earn a living. He has an indifferent personality, and doesn't care about the things that happen around him or to others. He only cares for himself.
            Though Ezau knows he is a Ningheim he usually doesn't make it obvious that he is and likes to use the power he has gained through this heritage to surprise his enemies and to manipulate the minds of others for his own good.

            Uses whatever armor and weapon is available to him. Can also use a variety of spells.
            Located in

    Solitude's Winking Skeever.


  • Teclis
            With a Nord father and a Redguard mother, Teclis is one of the more unusual Ningheim around. His darker skin, heavy build and dark hair are an uncommon sight among Ningheim yet make him a very interesting figure.
            Teclis is a hunter by profession, and honors all living creatures. He will only kill if necessary to his survival and that of his friends. Loyality is one of his strong points, but he will always put justice infront of anything.
            He lives a peaceful life in the woods between Falkreath and Markarth.

            Prefers Light Armor, and Bows.
            Located in

    Hunter's Rest near Falkreath.


  • Emil
            *Story COMING SOON*
            Prefers Heavy Armor and One-handed weapons.
            Located in

    Cliffside Retreat between Markarth and Solitude.


  • Helena
            Helena is a devoted student at the College of Winterhold who excells in the art of Magicka. She is a reliable fighter who uses fire magic to take down her opponents.
            Helena has a fiery temper just as her fire magic would suggest. She isn't afraid of a fight and doesn't like being looked down upon. This often makes her clash with her teachers at the College, but luckily they see she is worth keeping as student.

            Prefers clothing or light armor and uses magic.
            Located in

    The College of Winterhold's Arcanaeum.


  • Farah
            A calm and collected girl, Farah is an exotic beauty to behold even though she is of Ningheim birth. She was raised a hunter, but when her parents became more sucessful in business her life became less exciting and she was eventually trained in the use of two-handers and heavy armor.
            Out in teh wild she still often reaches for her bow before taking the heavy two-handed sword she carries around with her. Bored with her posh new life, she decides to go out hunting near Whiterun again.

            Prefers Heavy Armor, Two-Handed weapons and Bows.
            Located in

    Whiterun's Drunken Huntsman Inn.


  • Alexia
            Alexia was raised in good conditions by her parents, who are also Ningheim. They have chosen to not develop their Ningheim power, and left Alexia unaware of her heritage.
            By profession Alexia is a Ranger who hunts down criminals for a living. Alexia never cared much for the city life and Jarls pay good money for the bounties a ranger can collect.

            Prefers Light Armor, and Bows.
            Wanders between

    Ivarstead's Vilemyr Inn (night-time), Alchemist's Shack, Honeystrand Cave, and the Rift Imperial Camp. All in the vincinity of Ivarstead.


  • Rhavaniel
            Rhavaniel got rescued out of the burning home of her parents by the great High Elven wizard Calcelmo who took her with him to Markath. There she grew up learning what ancient knowledge she could gather from him.
            In her early teen days Calcelmo - who often wondered about her rapidly growing beauty and intellectual abilities - found out that she was a Ningheim and from that day on he feared the hidden power which was still concealed behind her youthful appearance.
            As he began to hide magical knowledge from her a shadow grew between them and she started to practice her skills with all kinds of blades with the captain of Calcelmo's guard who admired her beauty. She quickly surpassed him by far in the handling of all kinds of weapons.
            Elven-wise, a mighty soul blessed by the divines, handsome and dangerous Rhavaniel is waiting for the day her true power and destiny might be reveiled by a wink of fate.
            Rumors say, a Dragonborn has arisen out of the mist of this dark and warwounded country. Maybe he will become the herald of her future...

            Prefers Heavy Armor and One-Handed Blades.
            Located in

    The Great Hall of Understone Keep in Markath.


  • Mandei
            Mandei is the daughter of two traders who live in Riften. Even though she has everything she could wish for, she longs for adventure. Mandei has signed up as Riften Guard Volunteer to help keep watch near the border of the province of Riften.
            This way she can still experience a form of adventure. There are always enough criminals lurking near Riften, not to mention the creatures that roam in the forests.

            Prefers Light Armor, and One-Handed weapons.
            Located in

    Shor's Watchtower.



IMPORTANT:     Upon switching to The Ningheim race make sure it has loaded correctly by seeing if you can select all vanilla Nord hairstyles, and hairstyles from hair mods. If this isn't the case, don't continue and reload the game to select the race again.
                This must work for the race to properly work well with vampire/werewolf transformations.
    If you're using RaceMenu by Expired then upon selecting a female preset it will always revert the Head Scale back to 1.0. This should be set to 1.1 so your characters don't have small heads. Vanilla females have a head scale of 1.1 too.
    The men have some "empty" nose/mouth morphs at the end of their slider. This is because the females have new nose and mouth morphs in those slots.
    You'll always have some odd scars/eyes/eyebrows on the females, because they are vanilla scars/eyes/eyebrows which have different meshes from The Ningheim's. These couldn't be removed from the race without breaking the mod.
    Switching an existing non-Ningheim character's race to that of The Ningheim is NOT recommended and supported. Amongst the most important bugs it will break vampire and werewolf transformation, since those always revert your character back to its first set race (this also happens when switching between vanilla races).
    Unless mentioned in the file download description, you never have to clean save or create a new character to use a newer version of the race. A special script updating system has been made for this race to ensure every aspect of the scripts be updated at any given time without the need for clean saving or a new game.



Recommended mods

Menu mods

  • RaceMenu by Expired Absolute must!
  • I removed Show Race Menu Options and ShowRaceMenu Alternative from this list. A reliable source informed me that with RaceMenu(above) the command "showracemenu" works properly and doesn't reset character stats anymore.

Performance mods

Gameplay mods

Ningheim-related mods

Aesthetic mods

Hair mods

ENB Profiles

Additional mods



Make sure you have the required mods as listed at the top of this page before beginning the installation of The Ningheim.

The mod comes with an easy-to-use Nexus Mod Manager(NMM) installer so you can set up the mod to your preferences. It has lots of options already, and more are sure to come!
Make sure you have installed the Nexus Mod Manager(download link). After downloading the mod you will find it under the "Mods" tab at the top where it will be listed under "Races, classes and birthsigns".
Click on "Activate selected mod" to begin the installation procedure. Enjoy!

Users who wish to manually install the mod can read how to by following these steps.

It is also recommended to use SKSE to enable high-resolution warpaint:
1) Download and install Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) (1.6.6 or later)
2) Check the Data folder and create the SKSE folder if necessary
3) Check the SKSE folder and create the SKSE.ini file if necessary
4) Open SKSE.ini
5) Add the following entry to the .ini file if necessary



  • With NMM: go to the "Mods" tab and select this mod. Choose "Deactivate Selected Mod".

  • Manually: first disable the Ningheim.esp and remove the following folders from your skyrim/data folder:
        - skyrim/data/meshes/actors/character/Ningheim
        - skyrim/data/textures/actors/character/Ningheim
        - skyrim/data/sound\fx\Ningheim
        - in skyrim/data/scripts all the scripts which names start with "Ningheim".
        - Also delete "The Ningheim.esp" file in skyrim/data.


Coming Soon

  • 10 Brand-new followers placed throughout Skyrim - DONE! You can get them under the Main Files.
  • More body options - DONE in V1.1!

Future Ideas

  • A special Ningheim-related event generator featuring shifts or glimpses into the world of spirits
  • Potential quests related to the Ningheim lore (If you are interested in helping with this, feel free to send me a PM!) - Some people have signed up already: two potential quest makers, and a writer.
  • Contact eye pack authors and make a Ningheim-specific version so they will show up right - Eyes of Beauty coming very soon!
  • Give the ten followers unique voices. - In testing
  • Expand on the followers' abilities and keep working on them to make them even more unique.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:     I can't select all of the hair types/eyes/eyebrows/etc I'm supposed to get when I want to edit my character.
    A:     For some installations the race compatiblity script does not get activated properly. This can cause a multitude of bugs such as:

  • Vampire and/or Werewolf transformation not functioning correctly
  • No additional hair showing up
  • Missing parts of the head or the head itself
  • The fixed DB quest not working

 You can usually fix these problems by opening your console in-game (tilde-button: ` ) and typing these two separate commands:
        stopquest NingheimRaceController
        startquest NingheimRaceController

        This is preferably done in an interior that has nothing to do with the DB quest that was fixed.

    Q:     Where can I find the mod's files (I want to change its files)?
    A:     The mod's files can be found in the following folders:
            - skyrim/data/meshes/actors/character/Ningheim
            - skyrim/data/textures/actors/character/Ningheim
            - skyrim/data/sound\fx\Ningheim
            - in skyrim/data/scripts all the scripts which names start with "Ningheim".
    Q:     What mods are used in some of the screenshots?
    A:     Some I don't know and others I can't share the link for. You'll have to search yourself.

    Q:     I used the "showracemenu" command in the console to change my character to your race and I'm experiencing problems.
    A:     Don't use showracemenu and just make a new character. For example, it messes up your stats and it also makes the werewolf transition not work properly.
        There is also a good alternative mod for the showracemenu command: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/20394 .

    Q:     I'm using a mod that adds armor/clothing/necklaces/rings and some of them don't show up!
    A:     That mod's author probably did not include the Default Race to the list of races that can use his/her mod. Contact the author for a fix or do it yourself in the CK by going to Items->ArmorAddons and look for pieces that belong to the mod. Open such an item and on the right-hand you'll have a list of valid races. Click the race called "DefaultRace", press OK and save.



My thanks go out to:


Version History

V1.0 -     Initial release.
V1.01 - Replaced ESPs with TES5Edit cleaned versions. Saved them again in the CK for correct ESP versioning. Wrye bash users won't get a warning anymore. Plugin stabilized as it prevents crashes due to version mismatches in CK and game.
V1.1 -     Last few forms corrected thanks to Uglykidcid.
        Changed all texture paths in every body mesh to an absolute path that points Ningheim textures. This is done to help prevent potential unneeded body seams.
        Revised installer. More body options for female, with choice in scars, pubic hair, body toning, and scar definition. Male outfit replacers made optional.
        Redownloaded and added the UNP-BBP body, since I wasn't sure whether I used the UNP TBBP body or UNP BBP body for v1.00 and v1.01.
        Replaced Face Type 2's diffuse map with one that has no black bar on the top of the head.
        Added MrTroubleMaker's "Better Hand Mesh for UNP UNPB UNPC" to all UNP and UNPB meshes.
        Added 1st person female body/hands.
        All female eye meshes replaced with the new ones made for the race.
        Updated the male and female skeleton from XPMS 1.4 to XPMS 1.6, providing Dual Sheath Redux support and an optional installer choice for Belt-Fastened Quivers, One-handed weapons on back, Dagger on back, and all of its combinations.
        Corrected some female body texture combinations so they don't have seams when used together.
        Added femalehead_msn with Face Type 1 neck to the Face Type 2 Deeper Body Scar Definition option for the installation.
        Added all 12 vanilla scar types to the female part of the race with their appropriate morphs. There will be 12 messed up vanilla scars and 15 proper-looking ones on the slider. The last 3 types are modular.
        Added the followings FormLists for Dovahtracker: NingheimDovahTrackerFLRaces, NingheimDovahTrackerFLSpells, NingheimDovahTrackerFLMGEF with their appropriate records.
        Created Vampire Morph in female mouth TRI file.
        Changed the Spirit Control script to make the Undead target have a speedmult of 125 so they're faster.
        Changed the Spirit Control script so Undead targets don't belong to the player follower faction when they die. This prevents getting the inheritance off of an Undead.
        Changed the Spirit Control script so Undead targets become part of the "Player Ally Faction" and will attack the player less quickly when hit by the player.
        Updated installer to offer choice between all versions of XPMS 1.6.
        Created erect male Sundracon body in Blender, and added it to the installer as optional choice.




Under NO circumstances may this mod or any part of it be re-uploaded as is available on the modpage and none of its assets may be re-used in another mod without my (Seren4XX) express permission.
All parts of the mod that were not created by me (Seren4XX) may only be used in other works with permission from the original owner.
I, Seren4XX, nor any of the authors listed in the credits section of this text can be held responsible for any damage of any type caused by the usage of this mod. It is fully at your own risk to use this mod.
By downloading this mod you agree to the above terms and state that you will adhere to these.

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Not sure if this is a bug or not but I try to load the plugin i the ck but it seems to crash.


Could you provide some more details? Do you get an error when it crashes? Also, have you loaded all the master files required for the mod?


You might need to change your CK ini:


Add Dawnguard.bsa to SkyrimEditor.ini:



SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Update.bsa, Dawnguard.bsa


Also, don't forget to add:




under (General) in the SkyrimEditor.ini

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I have only one bug, the new eyes are not appearing only the ones from `` Eyes of beauty `` .


the rest is working great but only the eyes are my problem , god damn.


I have racemenu installed and an old version of ECE. and this works together with the precache killer  plugin.


Well maybe i must load the race twice. before i can use all functions... but the tairen soul warpaints are appearing very fast.


Well thank you for this first perfect race.

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Love it, only problem, each time I use showracemenu my face get messed up, I use ECE, I put the CME and ECE esp after Nigheim.esp am I missing something? At first character creation I have no problems tho but it is nice to be able to change the look of your toon during playthrough :)

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Thanks a lot, everybody, for your support. :)



Check out the FAQ. :)



Did you create a new Ningheim character or did you switch from a character's race to it?


Created a new character on a fresh install with CBBE, switched (again) to UNPB and it is working fine now, well cant use the sliders from ECE but it is clearly stated that you cant so not an issue really.


I have no freakin clue why it is working on UNP and was not on CBBE, my load order was pretty much the same and my load order for Ningheim, CME and ECE was exactly the same .....

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I think I found out why, because I replaced the body assets inside the Ningheim folder to enable BBP while I was using CBBE.


In fact it appeared again once I enabled BBP for UNPB :( The good news is it has nothing to do with the body type.


Maybe would be a good idea to provide an UNPB BBP version since you already have UNPB? I dont know how much work that represent and the race is already beautiful like it is, BBP is just a bonus and if I want BBP enabled I can still unload ECE to modify my character.

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is there a way i can add cbbe-TBBP to this? just wondering since this is the longest ove gone with out tbbp for awhile xD, i just love this race so much *-*

Check out the FAQ where to find the meshes folder of the Ningheim. In the female body folder you can replace the meshes with your CBBE-TBBP version.


I love the new installer

Good to hear! :D It took me a while to get it right, 'cause every body option had to be copied and adjusted for every potential body shape choice and texture size. Drama! :P

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Nice update, really love your work : )



Loooooooooove the mod :D now I just have to find more awesome armor to go on my multitude of new characters LOL

Being picky about who makes the armor mods makes it hard LOL!


Thanks, you two. :D


This mod needs a download version which doesn't require the NMM to install it :P


Well, I would like that too, but there are too many options! :P Instead there is a manual installation guide available on the modpage in the Installation section. I will also add the text file to the downloads. That's probably a good idea.

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