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BB&B Body, Female Body Replacer

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BB&B (Big Boobs & Butt) - New Body for Female Player & NPC


Created in BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Modified Textures: Fair Skin Complexion




!!! For CBP Physics



!!CBP Physics for BB&B Body, Preset --------> Patreon !!


1. Requires XP32 - XPMSSE
FNIS - run it after installing the skeleton.


2.   CBP/CBPC • SINful CBP •  PapyrusUtil SESkyUI • Race Menu • 


3. Extract files from Archive ''BB&B Female Base Replacer.rar'' and Copy in Skyrym SE, Data Folder.

4. Extract files from Archive ''CBP Physics for BB&B Preset.rar'' and Copy in Skyrym SE, Data Folder.





For Total Unique Player 2.0 -------> Patreon



Royal Light Armor Gold for BB&B






More Mods? Support me on >> PATREON <<









n it after installing the skeleton.

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1 hour ago, AreaGamer said:

Just one question. Why? Doesn't skyrim already have enough basic bodies and bodyslides?

Don't like it, don't download the mod) Made for myself, maybe someone will need...

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41 minutes ago, zenonthez07 said:

Perhaps providing a few more details would help those who would want to use your body. Such as if it has bodyslide or racemenu compatible sliders and what existing textures are compatible with it.

Sorry for my English!

Originally made a BB&B mod for Total Unique Player, but in patreon asked me to make standard female replacer...

No standard bodysliders... but i done 0--1 weight complexion (working fine). I plan to do a full BB&B Armor & Clothing Replacer... 

Compatible with all cbbe textures( bug with nipples only, if necessary, i will make different texture patches). In mod i use modified Fair skin (with corrected nipples).

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