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  1. The skeletons used by a certain race are determined by where the skeleton path points to in their race record in SSEdit or the Creation Kit.
  2. Perhaps providing a few more details would help those who would want to use your body. Such as if it has bodyslide or racemenu compatible sliders and what existing textures are compatible with it.
  3. What? No, just use FNIS for Modders to regenerate a new behavior file for that Beastess Mod so that it's SSE compatible. There's guides for that in the thread I linked.
  4. Bad converted animations - HavokBehaviorPostProcess may not handle some FNIS animation files correctly; try using GenerateFNISforModders on FNIS_*_List.txt files to recreate FNIS_*_Behavior.hkx, then run GenerateFNISforUsers again. Take a look at this thread for more information -
  5. Looks like you have a vanilla head texture with a SOS textured body. Just make sure you're using a matching texture set, everything is installed correctly, and that nothing is overwriting the male body textures. Tempered Skins should be pretty seamless for males otherwise.
  6. Yeah, it is a complicated trend with a lot of factors. I was just trying to figure out if there were any technical rather than aesthetic reasons for the overly subtle normal maps that are popular among texture modders. Thankfully, it's easy enough to work around with some knowledge of texture editing if someone still wanted to use the diffuse maps.
  7. I respect your opinion and your knowledge, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on Skyrim's atmosphere or lack there of. The designers were clearly going for a very rough and dirty vibe to represent the poverty and lawlessness that prevade Skyrim in the civil war period. While I think they went a bit overboard with the dirt I recognize why they did it. In that atmosphere a "rose of camelot" type doesn't fit except in very limited circumstances like certain members of the nobility. I do agree it does come down to personal choice is you want to respect that atmosphere or not and can deal w
  8. You assume a lot in your comment there, but that's to be expected I didn't provide much in the way of details. I'm not a screen-shotter so I don't use ENB's nor make any changes to vanilla lighting. I also actually like the diffuse map of the skins I mentioned even if they're quite pale. My only gripe with the normal maps is that in trying to chase that flawless chinese aesthetic they removed details that help define human faces (defined cheeks, nasolabial folds, eye socket depth) which leaves the faces looking a bit lifeless. So even if the faces are perfectly symmetrical and the makeup is on
  9. After spending awhile tinkering with and downloading a large amount of female textures this thought crossed my mind. Mostly concerning the normal maps and their lack of any distinguishing details on certain textures like Fair Skin, The Pure, or Bijin. I wouldn't say it's a bad stylistic choice if it fit what the author was going for it just becomes problematic when combined with how pale the diffuses are. Especially when combined with certain lighting which can obscure the faint details that remain. Leaving you to basically rely on make-up to provide definition. I have a couple gue
  10. I haven't used the mod in a while and didn't really use it in a wide variety of animation types. I'm pretty sure foreplay was there, but I don't usually use foreplay animations due to their lack of variety. As for special requests the only one I can think of pertains the virginity option. Toggling it off leads to the dialogue reusing the how many cumshots has she had up here line and other ones that imply sluttiness. Really ruins the mood so maybe you can tone those down. Otherwise, I'm happy to see you're starting work on this.
  11. I've had this problem multiple times and the problem has always been that my Skyrim.Exe either corrupted or was altered causing CBPC to crash at the main menu. Usually it stemmed from cleaning my master files for some reason. It's why I keep a backup EXE file and masters to prevent having to completely reinstall my game. You can read about this issue on the pinned comment on the CBPC page about cleaning masters.
  12. Sorry, about reviving this old topic but I have a question about the proper tags to apply to Futas to ensure maximum capability with animation callers like SexLab Romance. Considering SexLab Romance only looks for one tag per option (Oral, Vaginal, Anal, etc.) Futa animations tagged M-F and F-F can lead to air humping and stroking mostly because both participants are defined as females in the JSON. No strap-ons get applied due to the lack of a defined male role as well. The incorrect tagging is also problematic if you use any of several mods to change Futa gender to male in SexLab
  13. I'll wait to reinstall Apropos when you finish that conversion, but thank you for your hard work and quick response regardless.
  14. Sorry, if this has been asked before, but are you currently planning to make the Male PC dialogue more diverse? It's very repetitive especially if you only do consensual animations like I do. I don't know how many times I got the line about how many previous partners a female may have had which tends to take me out of a scene. Though I fear removing lines like that and others that imply female sluttiness may make the male dialogue even more repetitive or non-existent than it already is. I understand if it's not a priority just seeing if it is on your radar.
  15. In that case, I'd say go with CBBE 3BBB as it has less sliders overall with less extreme morphs making converting less of a hassle. It's existing conversions are also easily accessible saving you a lot of time and effort. Ultimately, if you still can't decide you may just have to download both and play around with the sliders until you make a body you're happy with. Sometimes you just have to find out from your own experience.
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