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Assimilating to a new Sim family

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My task was to join a family as a teenager.

I have to admit that this was not so easy as i thought it would be.

To just join, that is pretty easy.

But to make you really a part of the family, its a little harder and needs cheats.

So i read on MCC and i got it now to i am a daughter and everyone recognizes me as such. (i hope).

What does not work is, since i joined, i am the head of the household. So everything like bills, repairs still fall to me.

Is there a way to change that?

Maybe i missed that part in MCC.

My next project will be to add some more teenagers to the house. Though i do not want to use the vanilla ones.

Thanks for reading.

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Think of it this way however you play sims EA designed it around your experience of being GOD so you are god and you cant be anything else but god very poor design choice in my opinion, regarding teenagers there are plenty perhaps too many at least too many of the same type, here in download section then just adjust the age of sim in cas (cheats on) if you do find a mod that allows you to live in another family as a family member please do let me know however saying that me not seen one yet although i did read/hear about an adoption mod somwhere? but cant remember where i got that information all best loads of love and happy simming.

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Yes, unfortunately if you join a household you control the whole household.  There's no way to control one specific sim and have the rest of the household be NPC's.  And if you were to try playing that way, the other sims are just too stupid to be on screen all the time and take care of themselves.  They'll get out of sync with day/night, rarely eat anything other than quick meals, almost never fix broken objects, won't pay the bills on their own, and never make any effort to complete aspirations.  They'll never skill up to earn promotions at work, they'll piss themselves because the toilet's broken, it would be a disaster.

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