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Weird texture bug in cas (only females)

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this char only has 2 cc files in sims 4 tray importer (2 defaults ... top and bottom from cmar).


But something seems totally wrong. I guess some default eyes ... but i found no default eyes in my mods folder ... or is an preset able to do such things?


What could it be? Help! ?


The head is not sitting on top of the body ... some kind of face mask or head replacement?




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36 minutes ago, hokusai26 said:

What I see there is a missmatched skin ; what is the skin you use here ?

Its a "normal" problem , the normals is what tell the location to a texture to be displayed at the proper location .

every CC has normals .

Skin for knowing where to be place on the mesh and mesh are the opposite  , they tell to the texture where to place .

So change skin and top mesh and see if you can isolate the issue .

preset have normals too , slider aswell , my slider and preset have no normal issues .

So yeah check and swap everything and test .



I use no skin no nothing on the first sim .... just a pure sim ... i cant even click on the eyes or other parts of the face now ...


Hmmm this bug is now in teeths and other symbols in cas ....


Here i tested around in cas ....

All broken now.jpg

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Thats a really weird one , maybe a default head conflict .

Look for "cien" file in your mod folder

they are head default replacement

Cien - No EA Lashes V6 For - Females only.package

Cien - No EA Lashes V6 For - Males only.package

I use ONLY thoses 2 if you have others , remove them

NANDONG files are also head default replacement , Noir and dark made one also , search and remove .then put the both v6 cien I sent

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1 hour ago, JennaJJLover said:

Hmmm this bug is now in teeths and other symbols in cas ....

Broken CC Teeth can cause this bug too, along with some other types.


You might have more than one type of broken cc, or duplicates by different authors, or 2 different versions.

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