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I have deleted every mod except wicked whims. Yet I keep getting exceptions, several per second.
This is what it says:

Game Version:, WickedWhims Version: v163h, 
04/05/21 19:51:29 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\masked\v163h\exception_watcher_wrapper.py", line 25, in wrapper
  File ".\WickedWhims_v163h\wickedwhims\nudity\outfit_updates.py", line 152, in _on_sim_appearance_tracker_change
  File ".\WickedWhims_v163h\wickedwhims\nudity\body\sim_body_state.py", line 32, in update_sim_outfit_parts_cache
  File ".\WickedWhims_v163h\turbolib2\wrappers\sim\super_sim.py", line 74, in _safe_sim_info_wrapper
  File ".\WickedWhims_v163h\turbolib2\wrappers\sim\cas.py", line 138, in get_outfit_parts
AttributeError: 'OutfitData' object has no attribute 'part_shifts'

Anyone know how to fix this


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